System shock 3 translation


will there be a Russian translation of the game? if Yes, will the voice acting be in Russian? and can it be turned off?


Localization is always an important question. If the publisher is confident the expense will pay off in a regional market, they’ll throw the money at it.

I don’t know how easy it is to set a toggle for localization, and if it would be coded for, regardless of whether all the personnel per region are hired for all the work and implementation, or not.


Hi Zahar,

As jtr7 says, localization is primarily handled by a publisher if the development team does not have an inhouse localization team. (Which we do not.) The languages chosen for voice over and text localization are also prioritized by the publisher. At this time, Shock3 does not have a publisher, so we are not sure what languages aside from English the game will be available in at launch.

The extent to which a game experience can be customized for language localization will also depend on how the dev team and publisher would work together. Normally, a single language is chosen for both VO and subtitles / in-game text. There are a few games I can think of where you can have the localized text in one language and the VO in another, but in my experience those are normally games where there are fewer options and the localization was proofread between those choices.

A lot of localization is done through a spreadsheet submission, so context is often missing. This can on occasion lead to varying levels of translation. So the English -> French version of one line can have an entirely different meaning than the English -> German line, which means the French - German lines don’t match up very cohesively.

Hopefully this answers your question generally, as well as for Shock3!