System Shock Alpha trailer


SS Remake Alpha trailer, ICYMI:


Seems much more in line with what they pitched on KS, which makes it hard to complain about. I like the idea of a remake that still “feels” enough like the same game to evoke that nostalgia. A full-on reimagining could have been cool in its own right, but I’m ok with this result.


Yes, this is what we backed.


“W-w-welcome to Ccccccitadel Station!”


We haven’t seen much NPC interraction yet. Plotting and tension are (still) everything, even though we know how it goes.

Reddit has some tandem pics up…

Still hopeful that they can not muck it up.


I give Steve Kick and the other folks working on the System Shock 1 rebuild considerable credit: when it was clear that a game based on System Shock with a massive number of changes 1) was not what backers wanted, and 2) was putting completion at substantial risk, they stopped. They rethought things. And they restarted with a much clearer plan for a game that’s closer to the original while exploiting today’s fantastic graphics, which IMO is all that this game really needs.

A lot of organizations wouldn’t have this level of recognition of reality. That NightDive did/does, and have been streaming their development work in progress (on Twitch) and interacting continuously with fans (on Discord), suggests to me that it’s OK to give them some rope on the more dynamic parts of the game: shooting mechanics, enemy types and placements, puzzles (the one area where I think the original game suffered), SHODAN’s pokes at The Hacker, etc.

I’m watching them like a hawk because I really don’t want to see the rebuild chomped on again by the “wouldn’t it be cool if…” Creeping Feature Creature. I think the original was brilliant (see my “best game ever” post in this forum) and doesn’t need feature changes. If I start seeing too many significant deviations from the feel of the original, I’m going to squawk. (For whatever that’s worth.)

But for now… man, I like what these folks are doing.


I don’t understand…SS1 never had NPC interaction and the remake was never supposed to have any (due to its speciic design, SS1 doesn’t need any imho).


Sorry, blame UA, I’ve got NPC on the brain. What I meant of course was any interaction… baddies, robots, you name it. It looks the part so far.

As for Trenchknife’s comments about calling a halt and reflection… well, it hardly needs a parallel drawing…


Looks fantastic so far, and they haven’t even added blood!