System Shock concept Art


Check it out.


Very cool. Are the little ghost guys just for scale?


I don’t get excited about concept art, because the final product rarely resembles the concept art, but I do like the way this looks. The colors and shapes are really evocative of SS1 which I think, as someone who prefers SS1 to its sequel and is disappointed in the direction the SS1 remake has taken, is pretty cool.


Polygon also made an article about it, they’re showing a picture I haven’t been able to find on the stream:

Really freakish stuff. I can barely discern anything from it.

Both articles however seem to have missed(?) the next image:

I like this one the most. It has a very strong maintenance tunnel vibe to it, I think. :smiley:


Where can we listen to that Livestream with Warren?


Here ya go:


Is the new concept art available for download somewhere? I only found 2 high(er) res images on :-\ Love the vibe!


Gives me Tron tingles. I hope the art continues in this direction.


Nice. ;D


The big difference in tone here seems to be much more emphasis on dynamic lighting, versus the mostly flat lighting (with occasional brightness changes) of the original two games. Really makes me want to see what the actual game winds up looking like!

But you know, I think I just figured out what these images remind me of: early '60s science fiction paperback cover art. Very much sharp, abstract lines with vibrant colors, and (if shown at all) humanoid shapes that are weirdly stretched and distorted. That’s a kind of trippy horror that’s probably a sound touchstone for SS3.

This Clifford D. Simak cover is pretty representative of what I mean:


The concept art really has that retro-futurism feel to it. Very nice.


Getting some psychedelic vibes from them. Excellent. Miss that trippy cyberpunk aesthetic.