System Shock Series


From what I gathered, NDS plans to keep the story the same, but flesh out some of the details and the world with the help of Chris Avellone.

This might be way to go – keep the plot simple and straightforward, but add a lot of local (environmental) story-telling of the events:

If you want atmosphere in a game, things have to look real, and they also have to feel real. So in addition to the 3-D physical environment, we have a plot that goes beyond “bad things have happened, go and kill everyone.” There are mystery elements, as you go through the space station and unravel what actually happened. There are log messages and email messages from the past and the present that you read during the game, and we’ve tried to make them more than “you must pull lever N” and instead make them feel as though they came from and are going to someone real.

On one level, for instance, you’ll read log messages from members of the human resistance to each other about how they’re going to try to break through the blast door and attempt to reach the next level. And then as you approach the blast door, you start encountering all these bodies, and just in front of the door there’s this ring of corpses. So you say “Wow, this is where the last resistance got wiped out… what’s on the other side of this door?” And then you open the door and there’s a group of deadly warbots. When you’re done, on one side of the door there’s a ring of human bodies, but on the other side there’s a pile of broken robots, where you’ve just taken out the forces that destroyed the last humans on the colony. And not every player will notice that, but the ones that do will get an immense kick out of it. So we have that kind of atmosphere and context to the things you do in the game.


I hope he participates (as well as checks).


??? There are internal demos already?

That sounds like news to me. Should we be expecting any System Shock 3 announcements at E3? :wink:

I suspect you just guaranteed there’ll be more SS3 threads popping up very soon. :smiley:


That’s good news. Hopefully some more news soon.

Hopefully but probably not. lol

All in all, I think this has been a pretty good thread in which I have expressed my thoughts. Hopefully others don’t find my constant repetitions strange and dumb. I just want System Shock 3 to be more than just another good RPG. I want it to be an astounding “Space Station gone to hell” simulator or “Immersive Sim” if that’s really what we’re calling these type of games.


Consider that the folks making System Shock 3 are Warren Spector, and people on the OtherSide team who made the original System Shock, and new developers who bring today’s gaming perspectives into the mix.

It is literally impossible to imagine any better team to create the next chapter in the System Shock saga.

Of course that’s not a guarantee that SS3 will satisfy you perfectly, or me. But it does, I think, offer the best odds possible that SS3 will be a good game, and a good successor to its predecessor games. That’s probably the most anyone can reasonably hope for.


Of course. The game won’t be perfect (no game is) but I’m sure they will still create a fantastic game that could go down as one of the best games of all time given their track record.


Well, I can imagine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to hear news that Doug Church, the man you quoted a few posts up, left Valve to join the SS3 team. I know Warren has consulted with him, but I’d love to hear that the Project Director for the original System Shock joined the SS3 team.


Hyperbole is virtually guaranteed to get a person into trouble, isn’t it?

Tell you what – add Mark LeBlanc as well and we’ll call it a deal. :smiley:


So do any of the posters or workers from otherside know when we’ll get more information on system shock 3? It’s been at least a year that’s it’s been getting developed right? So will we get any more news soon or will it at least be another year or 2 until we hear something? Also, I’m not trying to be demanding or anything, just curious. If they’re not ready to share anything then that’s fine.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit more excited for system shock 3 then underworld ascendant(I’m still excited for it though). Also I remember Warren Spector saying that there’s going to be something in this game that no other game has done before. Do any of you guys have any idea what that might be?


Totally fine to be (slightly more) excited for Shock 3 than UA. I think the Shock series has had more reach, especially with the BioShock games.

As for any announcements, nothing is currently confirmed for this year. I know it’s tough wondering what’s going on behind the scenes, but ultimately it keeps the Austin team focused if they don’t have to worry about making marketing assets every few months. I still have yet to play the internal build (shame on me…) but from our weekly reports, it seems the Shock team was making good progress.



You have no idea how painful it is to read those words. The idea that, after all these years, there’s finally a new System Shock game being made, with Warren Spector producing, that has an actual build that can be played… and eh, just haven’t gotten around to it, whatevs… ACK. “Inconceivable!” ;D

I understand you’ve had some other things going on, and of course I’m not seriously waggling a finger at you and tsking. But in all honesty, the idea of having the opportunity to test-drive even a very early iteration of the long-awaited next installment of the astonishing System Shock series, and not jumping on it like a hungry T. Rex seeing a lawyer-shaped snack… well. I can only salute your willpower. :smiley:

Seriously, though, I’m glad to hear progress is being made, and I’m looking forward to whatever can be said or shown, whenever.


If UA is not successful, I still hope SS3 has a successful financial backing. This is a dream company, full of dream ideas, and dream games.


My biggest fear after seeing the UA alpha.


While I don’t necessarily share every concern about UA, it’s not a secret that UA and SS3 have different publishers: UA is being published by 505, and SS3 is being published by Starbreeze.

Beyond that, we are somewhat in the realm of speculation about funding. But VentureBeat did print a story that Starbreeze invested in the OtherSide Austin team’s production of System Shock 3 to the tune of US$12M.