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What I want to hear is why is quantitatively more posts better from anyone’s point of view? People hang around forums like these out of sheer obsession. You’re rewarding what amounts to idle spamming as opposed to posting when you’ve got something valuable to say, something inspired, something you’ve put any thought and effort into?

I’ve seen this before and I have to find it fallacious.

I guess while I’m at it, I’ll briefly describe my relationship with the game as requested.

I’m the most excited to see something new. That’s it. I guess I tried Underworld II as a kid, unable to make headway. Played all the usual ones later… even trying to finish SS1 someday now. This is the product of some of the same people behind those games and especially Thief 1 and 2, my favourites. Must’ve stumbled on some mention somewhere of the fundraiser.


I’ve been a longtime Ultima fan, with the original Underworld as one of my first games. I found out about the Kickstarter after having backed Shroud of the Avatar, and set up UnderWiki as a place to record all of the information about the game.

I’m most exciting to see new lore built upon the foundation of the Stygian Abyss, revisiting the Runic magic, NPCs, locations, etc that made the first game great.


I look forward to Underworld not only because it represents to me the future of the RPG, but also because it retreads the golden age of the 1990s dungeon crawling RPG. As for my experience, I came backward into Looking Glass games by way of System Shock 2. The rest is all history.


On the whole, I am most excited about UA being a real return to LGS design principles, and of course taking the genre of “immersive sim rpg” forward.

I basically grew up playing the two first Thief games, and the amount of hours I could sink into just one level back then is incredible to think of now! I saw the Kickstarter by chance actually, and felt that the name Tim Stellmach sounded familiar, went back and looked at the credits from the two first games, and when I realised this was ex-LGS members doing a new Underworld I could do nothing else but support such a thing :slight_smile: I actually played Underworld and System Shock after the Thief games and they are all on my top 10 list. No game has ever given me more rewarding exploration than UW1 till this day.


More activity, more buzz, more talk, more tweets, more hype, more obsession, the game needs more. Video games live or die on these metrics. Marketing is everything. This game could be the second coming and still flop/barely scrape by without adequate marketing.



You’re equating a lot of things with forum post count, which is all I was talking about. If your forums are full of vapid crap, it makes me not want to read any of it and thus I’m not contributing with better-quality ideas: not just the first thing that came to my head. Also saves dev time for the guy reading it all, so they also get to do more meaningful things.


My cousin said he found that they were gonna remake Ultima Underworld. something we both greatly enjoyed all those decades ago.

Shortly after a quick internet search, I had backed UA so that we both could enjoy the new permutation of the game.

We are more than anticipating a great dungeon crawler into which we can grind away the real default world, if only for a few hours at a time.

I’ve been babbling on this forum ever since.

that’s all I got.


I’m looking forward to a fresh take on one of my favorite childhood adventures. I played Ultima Underworld (I and II) as a kid, and heard about UA via the UDIC Facebook Group. After checking out the Kickstarter, there was no way I would not support the effort. Immediately after backing, I pulled up GOG to play Ultima Underworld again.

The sandbox has been fun to play with, though I have not given it as much time as I’d like. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


I played original Underworld 1 & 2 a LONG time ago, and can’t wait to go back to the Underworld. I remember at the time thinking UU1 was the most immersive thing I had seen. Really looking forward to another adventure with Underworld Ascendant!


I think Underworld Ascendant will offer a lot of possibilities to fool around in dark and strange places, I’m looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

Also I played Ultima Underworld back then, but at that time I could not translate much and I never got very far. This time nothing will stop me!


I am most excited by the opportunity to play another game as exciting and innovative as Thief: The Dark Project. That game was a defining moment for every sneaker since then, with elements appearing so commonly now that many don’t remember where it all started: Looking Glass Studios.

I was heartbroken when Ron Jomero (nod to Byte magazine) got $40 million for his travesty Daikatana when LGS just needed to get through the launch of Theif 2, which was ready to go gold I believe. Thief 2 did really well, as I recall, but LGS was no more.

So when I heard that the spirit of LGS was being resurrected and was kickstarting a game, I backed it right away, even though I didn’t think I would play it. I must admit I am not a fan of the Ultima series, so I have never played Ultima Underworld, confusing the two. I feel like I have missed out greatly on the decision not to play the original, now that I know who made it.

Not that I think LGS always got it right, they definitely had their misses. But when they got it right, they really got it right! Mad respect for the team!

And after playing the early access bit I have to say that once again I am a convert. I really didn’t expect to play the game, I just wanted to support the team, but now I can’t wait to play! I anticipate many, many hours of the kind of gameplay that I have desperately missed since Thief. The real one, not the sad copies.

So bring on your innovation and your intelligent game play, and let’s change the face of gaming once again! I am tired of the riff raff and the cookie cutter games, of eye candy without substance. Give me intelligent, immersive gaming that challenges my ability to find alternative solutions!

I am so glad you guys are back, can you tell?


I am looking forward to the exploration of a deep dark world and meeting strange new creatures, and killing and looting them. I want to be the first person in my village with confirmed kills and lizard armor. I am sharpening my sword and treating my bow, its going to be a great time. It sure would be dandy to do so with that nice shirt boy I tell ya!


Played Underworld 1&2 on my untrusty Packard Bell 386. This and Star Control 2 are my favorite games. I mostly backed this out of nostalgia, but it does look cool.


I played both Ultima Underworld and Ultima Underworld 2 when they came out. I was just so impressed in the first game when you had to learn the lizardmen’s language - it was done so … naturally that I wish someone would make a game like that for me but with Spanish.

Also loved the rune based spell casting. It was brilliant.


When I first heard the rumors of a System Shock 3 release I could not believe it. This coupled with the released fan video of the Shodan reveal done in Cryengine was almost too much. I thought it was just a day dream, wishful thinking on someones part. I saw the name Otherside Entertainment mentioned in reference to SS3 and I had no idea who they were.

I did some research and found out they are comprised of people from Looking Glass Studios. I felt a bubbling up of excitement. I had not played a lot of PC games. There was a huge gap were I had no computer. Roughly from the early days when I had a hand me down Atari 800XL some time in 1987. I remember my first exposure to the RPG/dungeon Crawler type game Gateway to Apshai and Lode Runner. I also had the pleasure of playing Below The Root on my cousins Tandy when I went to visit her on occasion.

Due to moving turbulence I lost access to those machines and was devoid of a computer at home until 1996 where I scrounged up a C64 and and an Apple 2. Prior to that I had some access to computer labs…but none of them had the most cutting edge hardware…but I did use the C64 periodically during that time. But, sadly, around 96 my computer interest had waned somewhat, in preference to the NES and SNES.

I then had another turbulent move and lost access to all my machines. I was 16 and ended up in a small town living with my father. We lived in a converted Bus with little more than an extension cord for power. It was definitely a few years of living in bush shacks left me totally out of the loop in regards to what was out there in regards to games.

Then along comes 2002…I enter a small community college, where I am taking the usuall first year university transfer courses. And my reintroduction to computers begins. Google just became a thing…standardized email access, and some friends are playing System Shock 2 (Sorry guys…it was a pirated copy from HOTU but it seemed to be the only way to get it. Games were not very wide spread in my town at the time)…and I immediately fell in love.

Looking Glass Studios became a name I knew very well. I managed to work enough extra side jobs to scrounge up the money to get a used computer from a friend. I then discovered Thief. So, needless to say LGS was definitely a studio name I have come to regard as giving me one of the best game experiences I have have ever had…particularly with System Shock 2. Almost no other game compares. I later discovered Interplay/Black Isle Studios and Planescape Torment and Fallout 2 are games I hold as in high regard as System Shock 2 and Thief.

There are no games quite like them.

So, not being as poor as I used to be back then I decided to back Underworld Ascendant. Not from any nostalgia based on previous Underworld games…or the Ultima games. I had never experienced any of those games. But from my love of System Shock 2. I have played many games since and while there being many good ones, none seemed to capture what SS2 had. A unique, powerful world…one that really had drawn me in. Everything from the atmospheric music, strange level design, and Shodan’s iconic voice…it really established the feeling of being lost in a game world.

Very few other games have been able to achieve that. And I sincerely hope that UA has it’s own unique thing to show us…and is as immersive as SS2 is.

It was then shortly after backing Underworld that I heard an announcement for a System Shock reboot/ re imagining…call it what you will. I am not hung up on labels. That bubbling of excitement was stirring again. I had read a bit of information about Night Dive Studios…but was not very familiar with them. I then found out they had bought the System Shock IP. I was ecstatic. I was just discovering Steam, GOG and DRM free games. I had another turbulent move to the far north and had yet another break from current internet gaming trends.

Steam was very new to me…but some of the DRM annoyances I had encountered with Dead Space and Bioshock (Of course I jumped on those games :wink: ) really stuck with me. I did not have internet at home at the time. I was, yet again, living in a very rural community…this time near Alaska. I had to go to the local community college and down load no cd cracks for both games. So, I really loved what GOG was doing with DRM free games. Anyway…enough of that aside.

I had just discovered Night Dive Studios had acquired the System Shock IP and immediately bought a copy of both System Shock games on GOG. And as soon as the crowdfunding for the SS reboot was announced I was there to support the project.

Somehow, through the good grace of NDS staff I ended up as one of their forum moderators. I love being a part of these reemerging games similar to that of the older games that really made an impact.

Games of the caliber of System Shock 2, Thief, Fallout 2, and Planescape Torment are definitely needed and wanted.
A few other studios have done good jobs. Arcane, Visceral, and a few others. But often new games have been marred by current trends of MT and other major studio trends like QT events. Two particular things I do not care for in games.

In closing, It is great to see this current revival and especially seeing game creators such as Warren Specter, Paul Neurath, Bryan Fargo, and Feargus Urquart…to name a few, as well as the many emerging indie studios making interesting games.

Keep it up. :slight_smile:


I’m most excited to see a good story line with real variety in settings and cultures again. Ultima 4 and 5 were among the first CRPGs I played, and I was a huge fan of the Underworlds. I was Kickstarting fairly regularly when Underworld Ascendant appeared, and just about fell off of my chair with joy. Backing this was a no-brainer for me.


For years, (actually decades now) I had told my friends/family that “I would gladly pay over $100 for a new Ultima Underworld”, doubting that there ever would be one. Then the announcement of it’s Kickstarter came and I made good on my promise and paid well over $100 to help fund the game of my dreams.

What I think I am absolutely most excited for in Underworld Ascendant is the total freedom to solve problems creatively, or even just solve them ‘your way’, whatever that may be.


I think I’m excited most about the interactive environment allowing more than one puzzle solution.


Hi I played Ultima IV on the Sega as my first introduction to the Ultima games, and then Ultima VII on the PC, which was awesome. I really wanted my parents to buy me more games but they would not, luckily my cousin had Ultima Underworld so I would spend a lot of time over at his house. So when I heard about this game I just had to back it, I’m most excited just to be playing a modern Ultima underworld!

I also really love the design of this dev team tee!