Will you guys implement Tapatalk support into this forum for mobile browsing please?


Perhaps, but we would need to see more than a few people requesting it. If this thread picks up some steam we will consider it.


I would use it if available, but not a big deal either way.


Otherside having Tapatalk would be incentive enough for me to use it. Trying to write a post on mobile is interesting to say the least.


I would like Tapatalk :slight_smile:


Tapatalk is the best.


It should work now from what I can tell from their website. Hopefully it works for you guys.


Obligatory xckd: http://xkcd.com/1174/ :slight_smile:
But who knows, maybe the tapatalk thing is usable these days, I run like hell from forums that tell me they have an app.


Me too. Who knows what kind of data they are collecting. I tried to shut off all ads in it as we don’t want any revenue from tapatalk, hopefully that is working too.


I use the tapatalk app on like three different forums and for the most part, I’m pretty happy with the experience. It’s still 100% optional though. It’s true you can’t “zoom” in but you don’t need to. I’d give it a try before you throw any stones.

As an admin on one of those forums, we still offer a mobile skin to those who don’t want to use the app and they can still access the site with a normal skin on the normal phone browser. I’m not sure how many people use it since I don’t track that info even though they do collect it but I haven’t heard any complaints about it.


I would like to have Tapatalk support too on these forums!


I think you do - i tried to open the forum on my phone yesterday and i got a page telling me it supports tapatalk. I ignored it, but it looks like you should have it if you like the thing.


I’m still getting this:


Hey Folks I tried finding this forum on tapatalk but somehow it didn’t work out.
Any hints as to what I should type in the search field?


I use Tapatalk extensively and it truly enhance the mobile experience a lot. One of its best features is that I can have Extra Large font which is great for these pair of old eyes.

What’s not to like. Look at this screen shot. The quoted text are displayed properly which are better than what was shown in the browser naively - the text too white for a quoted text.


Better in line images:

I think admin disable posting image from Tapatalk but I think it should not be a concern. Tapatalk will upload image to imgur and automatically create a [IMG] BBCode. So enabling this feature would make photo sharing much easier.


Search for Otherside Entertainment.


It doesn’t seem to work with old Tapatalk Pro. But it’s ok with new. What I do is, sign in to new Tapatalk and add the forum, then go to the Pro and sign in using my Tapatalk ID and it retrieved the forums tied to the account and voila.


Ahh, thanks folks,

that helped :slight_smile:


Hey Steve, the misalignment of this image bugged me :slight_smile: