I resized the banner image right to their specs down to the pixel. If it doesn’t display right I don’t know how to fix it. I would have left it out completely but it wouldn’t let me submit. I tried to submit our normal logo like the one in use on our forum but it wouldn’t accept that because it didn’t have the right pixel dimensions, so I made a new one exactly 960x480 which is the only size it will accept and that is the way it display shesh!!

All in all I have to say that the forum owners interface to Tapatalk is one of the kludgiest interfaces I have had to deal with. In fact I feel like I have UI poisoning after using it.

I just made an all black background and uploaded that so even though they don’t display the background graphic correctly even if it is uploaded at the only resolution they will accept - it won’t matter.


Genius, Steve!

Black background looked good!


I have no access to this forum via Tapatalk since today. Anyone else here who has the same problem?


Tap stalk on my iPhone still sees that there is a forum here, but it doesn’t load any content. Not sure when this started, since I usually use a browser, but it is definitely not working correctly.


The same here. When I get a message - someone quoted me for example - and I tap on the link of this message, I get the following error


I was a version out of date. I upgraded to the latest version perhaps that will fix things for you. Tapatalk sure is a kludgy add-on for the SMF forum software it doesn’t support any of the update available notifications or update without uninstalling features that all the rest of the SMF add-ons do.


Tapatalk is working again, thank you Steve :slight_smile:


Yay, works fine again. Was wondering if the fault was on my end. Thank you Steve!


Did something change over the weekend with the Tapatalk thing?

As of today, every page served to my mobile browser from this forum now has a blinding white TAPATALK banner jammed up at the top, telling me to get its app that I am never going to get.

Every. Single. Page.

There are worse things happening in the world than this. But it’s really annoying. If there’s a way to make this forum software stop inserting that banner on every new page, I would really appreciate it.


That horrible Tapatalk banner is still being injected into every page served to my mobile (Safari) browser.

Anyone else seeing this?



It’s still doing it – those stupid %#*^ Tapatalk banners are still being jammed onto every forum page served to my phone.

Is there no way to disable this?




It showed occasionally for me. Click the X on the banner and it went away for a month or so. Then I installed a popup blocker and never saw it again.


Apparently I’ll have to look into those for iPhone. :frowning: Thanks for the suggestion.


Ad/popup blocking didn’t work. The useless “Install the Tapatalk app!” banner still sprayed itself on every page.

I’m now using a different mobile browser. The idiot banner still showed up the first time, but seems to have been sent to Hell where it belongs, at least for the moment.

Very annoying to have to use a special browser just to enjoy this site without being pestered with nagware, though.

Technical note, for whatever it’s worth: this banner issue doesn’t occur on my antique iPad – just on my iPhone 7.