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I just read on the kickstarter that Sir Caribus still existed, and that warms my heart. The Lore of the Underworld is still intact. It is my belief that “we” all, the Avatars, Britannia and the Stygian Abyss sort of “Ascended” after Ultima 9, and now it’s New Britannia and the Stygian Abyss is still right here. The Universe, if I understand correctly, was torn apart and put back together again - changed.

Now there was one thing in the kickstarter Text that I do not quite understand. We walk through a rune gate to end up here, in the Underworld, and it sort of becomes our new home. That brings up the question why were are happily going to that prison again. Again, because … we’ve already been here, and traversed it in it’s entirety before - but that is not reflected upon in the kickstarter text. This is going to be the second time we’re here. Everything changed, by it’s still THE Abyss, and THAT Sir Caribus, right? :slight_smile:

Nah, I’m not looking for spoilers, but I sure want to find out why we go through the rune gate in the first place. Do we hear Lord British calling us again? And what of the barons daughter we once rescued? Is there someone who is, again, luring us into this trap without us knowing where the gate will bring us? Will Tybal or his brother make a postmortem appearance? Or the Slasher of Veils? Questions, questions, questions.


While they can’t use Ultima IP, Lord British is owned by Richard Garriott so that could happen.


I think there should be a very good reason for the Avatar to go back to the Abyss. It doesn’t have to still be a prison though, much of the Abyss that we knew back then was destroyed when the Volcano erupted. Or at least it should have been… So the question now is… Is this another section we could never get to? Did the Abyss re-form? Or was the devastation just not nearly as widespread as it could have been?

What of the Baron’s keep? Does that remain on the island?

What exactly IS a paladin? And why don’t I remember what the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom is!?!?!?!

So many unanswered questions!


The great staircase was reduced to rubble right before we were thrown in last time. Maybe that has been partially restored. And other collapsed corridors. Many of the people who held up Sir Caribus banner will likely have tried to improve trading and quality of life in general down there. We don’t know what became of the Lizardmen, and that is an extended goal of the kickstarter. If that isn’t reached, then … does that mean the Lizardmen will have completely vanished? Died out? Have abandoned the Abyss and maybe have found another way out? I’d imagine a lot of the Abyss would remain roughly the same. With only more rubble littering the ground, and more corridors collapsed while others have been opened. If the citizens of the Underworld haven’t been completely slacking off, or succumbed to living like animals.

What of the Baron's keep? Does that remain on the island?

Good question, I really have no idea.

What exactly IS a paladin? And why don't I remember what the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom is!?!?!?!

Your knowledge of the lands seem great! :wink:


Well it is my understanding that this Abyss is linked to the world of Shroud of the Avatar, which is set quite a few centuries after the events of Ultima Underworld. The whole Abyss could have been completely destroyed and rebuilt a few times in such a long lapse of time.


Well, the Stygian Abyss was destroyed along with the rest of Britannia at the end of Ultima 9: Ascension. But it ascended to reform itself in New Britannia (Shroud of the Avatar), because you are inside the Underworld at that time, you are the Underworld Ascendant. Or so.


Hahaha ;D


Why would Britannia have been destroyed at the end of Ultima 9? The barrier contained the Armageddon spell so that only you and The Guardian were affected (Though that bothers me too… because the other times you cast the spell just for fun, you’re not affected at all… Though I guess because it killed The Guardian, it would kill you too because of that crappy other half plot.)


So apparently the Avatar is the hound ;D


“The Spell of Armageddon is cast, Britannia is destroyed, along with the Guardian and Lord British, but the Avatar is ascended to a higher plane of existence by the power of the spell. The people that were evacuated to Skara Brae are protected by the Runes and they live on, to find another world to call their own.”

That’s what happened in U9, and this is a quote from the Wiki. The new world is New Britannia. What’s changed is, that Lord British also made it to the new world, and that the Avatar too, was rescued, as the “Ascendant”.

At least this is what this all sounds like to me. The entire story of Ultima 9 (or what remained of it after EA was “done” with it) was a mess to begin with. Just trying to come to terms with it.


Uh yes, it’s a quote from Wikipedia…under the heading “Original Plot”. It’s not what was in the final game.


That quote is specifically from a prior version of the game, known as the Bob White Plot, not what actually happens in Ultima Ascension.

In any event, it is irrelevant for the plot of this game. I do wonder how much of an “Avatar” our character can be; there does not seem to be any of the Ultima-style virtues, and most of what is described is a sandbox survival, rather than an epic narrative. Of course, the first Underworld started that way and ended up with the Slasher of Veils, so I still have hope!


Then I have been mistaken, my apologies. However, I will likely treat Underworld as if it were in the universe I described above. Somehow, the title Ascendant demands it. It seems like natural progression from U9’s plot. Original or not. So in that regard, it’ll be ‘chose your own adventure’ for me. I loved Ultima Underworld. So this’ll be my Ultima … Underworld in that sense. Possibly. Not ruling it out that I’ll throw this out the window as soon as we learn where exactly it’s place in the universe of Shroud of the Avatar is.