The Doom Clock Got Me - Game Time Element vs Exploration and Experimentation


… in fact, there are so many elephants in the room worth this game it reads like a nature reserve.


I dont know whether to laugh or cry. Perhaps both! Crying and (mad?) laughter??

There is something worth noting here though.

The game still has a (massive?) update about(?) to be released.

While at the same time, there is already an overwhelming sense among some to dig through the post mortem.

Which means… Update 2, no matter what it contains, is essentially worthless.

Thats a tough spot for anyone to be in.

I am only saying this because of my total distance from the project. I admit that the wonder of yore began to diminish at a point, and believe it or not, it was well after launch when it began setting in.

And the absolute truth as to why this would happen to one, such as myself, is because Flug.

The guy commands the flagship, ok?

When he is out there against the wind, and reasonably voicing the general core concerns, and too much time passes without any official acknowledgement of these concerns, it starts to make Flugs points stand out even more.

I mean, anyone with a good brain in their head can make sense of what Flug has been saying all along. You dont need a decoder ring to understand his perspective. And yet, year after year, core and reasonable concerns are officially and completely ignored.

That is when worry starts to wave that first hand in the air…

So here I sit, waiting, for this Update 2. An update that it seems like nobody wants and/or wont help the game. My little poll reveals that most here didnt really appreciate Update 1.

Is Update 2 worthless then, even before it is launched??

/Sandro - :o


… Don’t know about flagship… sinking ship maybe :blush:

Given the game, post mortem is about all sombre of us can get out of it right now, and the lessons should be hard earned for the future… not least because sou many of them are so basic.

Plus, there is still that sense of unreality. Certain dev voices have not been heard from in a long time.

… No, it doesn’t mean Update 2 is dead in the water… but in doesn’t mitigate the inherent design flaws beyond a certain point, because it can’t. Leopards and spots, even if you put it in a bikini.

If Upd2 can somehow drag a few people back, you’d hope for a serious overhaul update… but I think that’s looking very unlikely.

Ideally, and talking of unicorns, the Doom counter would go altogther, and Factions/npcs and text dialog would be bolted on somehow.

Sandro, I would just give it a go, and live stream your recital reactions. It might be the stuff of legend :blush:


Bwahahaaa :stuck_out_tongue: (more likely, we would all be weeping together)

Anyone heard anything on the launch date of update 2? Last I heard, “early Feb”. Technically, I think that could give them all the way to the 13th?!

This is getting good again!

/Sandro - 8)


… You think so…? I admire your endless optimism :blush:


I’ve always felt it’s the job of playtesters and QA to discover and document enough serious issues to delay release.
So if a project’s delayed, it means people are doing their jobs well.

Here’s hoping for some good delays!


Uh oh… its the 10th already!

That only gives them 3 more days to meet the “early Feb” thing.