The System Shock scenario - Could it be real sooner than we might think?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… :o


Not too remarkable, right?

BUT: There is a subtle but huge difference in this video compared to previous ones. In previous videos, the door handles were marked by sheets of paper with a binary graphic code, so the robot could identfy it and open the door. Here, this sheet of paper is absent. The robot recognizes the door handle as a door handle obviously through his own camera only.


For comparison: 2-year old video with marks on doors and crate for the robot to recognize them.

If the robot is now recognizing objects without this kind of help, that’s a huge step.


I just watched this video this morning!! Really impressed with how the robots “wait” for each other to use the door, too. Utility!

I’m wondering how a robot-centric facility would operate, much like the Citadel, but even moreso. If the AI are all connected and the layout is built for robots, I can imagine automatic sliding doors and perfectly timed patrol shifts all along a building! No human-shaped doors or handles necessary!


Interesting thought also potentially for game design: There may be parts of the station/ship/base (or wherever SS3’s setting is) entirely designed for use by robots, but the player has to enter these parts for some reason after SHODAN takes over. So that creates a whole host of new challenges for a human in a part of the station actually made for robots.