I’m new here but I’ve been following the development of Underworld Ascendant for a little while and I’m really excited. I decided to make an account to make a few statements that I hope the devs will see although somebody probably already said it. You guys are making a new underworld and a new system shock and if you could also get the rights to make a new thief game, you guys would have the big three games you made back home where they belong. If you guys could get thief that would be great. You would be able to make a true Thief 4 with the best things from the first 3 games. Pretty much everything from the first 2 games is perfect but combined with the hub world, full body awareness,shadows, and other various new things from thief 3, it would be the perfect thief game. Maybe some new game mechanics too though. Guards reacting to seeing your shadow would be great. Of course you would have to get the license to make it and if not then I hope you guys make an entirely new Thief-Like stealth game with innovative mechanics.


I doubt they will get the rights to the original Thief. That would mean buying them up, and this is a small development studio. That said, I wouldn’t mind Otherside’s modern take on stealth. They’d have to come up with a new franchise. However, the question becomes, would I rather see a new iteration of a stealth game, or see what original ideas Otherside has up their sleeve? Both appeal, and I wouldn’t mind being surprised.


Square could in theory license it to them, but it’s hard to imagine that deal happening. Our only chance of getting another Thief game is for Square to go bankrupt, which might actually happen at some point.

Not that I’m at all wishing to have even fewer publisher and major layoffs, but the Eidos rights being sold off would be a silver lining.

Either way, I’ll never consider Thief dead as long as the Dark Mod is plugging along.


Like I said recently, I’d also be fully on board for OtherSide’s next project to be an iteration on the First-Person Sneaker.

I have no expectation that it would use the Thief license. As nice as it would be to hear Stephen Russell as Garrett again, I don’t see Eidos letting that go. (It wouldn’t hurt to ask nicely; I just don’t think they’ll say yes.)

But maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. Using the Thief license would, as with Underworld, imply that some time has to be spent figuring out which elements from the original have to be reimplemented in the new game. Building a new franchise would let OtherSide innovate more.

And then we get to have conversations about what we think are the essential features of a stealth game. :smiley:


Welcome to the forums, TheAbsolute! More of the devs peek at the forums than you may think :slight_smile:

Garnering the Thief IP itself would be very difficult, as you’ve all surmised. However, the stealth system in Underworld Ascendant is being fleshed out with a lot of great options that we hope will tie you over for a “first-person-stealther”! As someone who usually prefers hacking and slashing over silent kills, playing around with the stealth kits is slowly converting me to a more roguish playstyle. It’s refreshing to have a more “creative” way to solve problems than just running up to an enemy and hitting him.

Combat Styles
Combat Styles

Yeah i definitely see where you guys are coming from but a guy can dream can’t he. This game will probably quench my thirst for another thief game though. And the Dark Mod is great too.