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So what new games are you playing/looking forward to playing this year??


I’m looking forward to the new Wolfenstein so I can play it coop with my son.


For me, it’s Cyberpunk 2077 & Death Stranding.


Cyberpunk 2077, absolutely, if it ships this year.

I was hoping Bethesda would announce at E3 today a Christmas release date for Starfield, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. And NightDive’s System Shock remake is probably not going to be ready until 2020 at the earliest.

After all these years I know better than to get too excited for any game. But after The Witcher 3, it’s hard not to think Cyberpunk 2077 could be pretty great.


Should I stop lurking and start posting more? I’m usually too lazy to type anything up, and I don’t usually have anything interesting to say, but I can try.

I’ve been bouncing between playing Hitman (2016) and Dishonored 2 recently. Hitman is okay, but it’s really too game-y for my tastes. Too scripted and you’re led by the nose to all the possibilities so you really don’t feel like you’re discovering anything for yourself.

Dishonored 2 on the other hand is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I love it so much more than the first one. There are so many stupid and silly things I can do that just make me giggle. And those things aren’t scripted or obviously intended by the devs like they are in Hitman.


And now we’ve learned the planned release date for Cyberpunk 2077: April 16, 2020.

Soooooo, can’t really say any more that I’m looking forward to this one this year. But 2020’s sure looking better!


2020 gonna be busy. Bloodlines 2 is coming.


On the one hand: According to the PC Gamer story, The Outer Worlds, the science fiction RPG from Obsidian, is scheduled for release on October 25, 2019. So there’s what could be a good PC game coming out in 2019.

On the other hand: it’s yet another game previously announced for Steam that instead has become an Epic Store exclusive for a year. (Weirdly, there’s also an indie game called “The Outer Wilds” that did this exact same thing: promised Steam, switched to being an Epic Store exclusive.)


Now that you mention it, I just realized I’ve been confusing The Outer Worlds with The Outer Wilds, especially since they both went from Steam -> Epic exclusive. Oops!

As a diehard Pokemon fan, I’m of course looking forward to Sword and Shield in November. I loved hunting Pokemon in the wild (overworld) with my younger cousin who is just starting to get into Pokemon, and I know he’ll enjoy backseat driving our character around. :smiley:

Aside from that, of course the new Bloodlines game looks promising, and I’m keeping an eye on 2077. The new Final Fantasy 7 Remake also looks amazing! A lot to look forward to in the next coming months / next year…


FF7 does indeed look amazing!

For this year, I am waiting on Blasphemous and Children of Morta. One is Metroidvania with Dark Souls influence. Second is Diablo clone with permadeath, and a lot of heart.


I’m hoping to give Underworld Ascendant a shot.


Following up from the Nintendo Direct yesterday, a LOT of Nintendo titles I’m interested in!!

Animal Crossing New Horizon
Breath of the Wild 2
Link’s Awakening Remake
Trials of Mana


You can color me interested in any Zelda game. I’ve yet to play one, I was a little late to console, and still don’t own a Switch. I do, however, own Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask on 3DS.


Microsoft and Nintendo had very strong shows.
What I want to play out of all of what was shown…
Ultimate Alliance 3–I love that old series, from X-Men Through U.Alliance 2.
Watchdogs 3-- looks interesting. I really want to see the ‘everyman’ mechanic work out for them.
Cyberpunk- sure I guess.
Pretty much all of the Nintendo show will end up in my house. The kids went nuts over all of that.
Final Fantasy VII- looks very impressive. They could have just did the port thing, but updating gameplay to modern sensibilities, yeah I’ll lose some time on that. Wish it was co-op to be honest.


Post E3, I’m now also excited for Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and Borderlands 3.


Just bought Bloodstained. Thoughts later.


Have a couple of friends who were really looking forward to this! Reviews look really strong too :D


Just booted up a ton of old games --which shockingly just worked in Win10. Star Trek Elite Force, Armada 2…
And shhhh…City of Heroes.


Been watching playthroughs of Mutant Year Zero. Think that’ll be my next game.

Edit: Holy shiteee! Children of Morta is also on the way, my summer is booked.


I’m looking forward to playing the macOS version of UA.