This new site is fun and thrilling


but it looks like iphone barf.

that don’t mean I hate it.


You sound a bit sarcastic. maybe you need to take some time and get comfortable with the new format.


hold on … I had just visited the ascendant forum and there was no mention of this change (in that specific forum). this was a bit of a surprise.

yeah, I need to take some time and step away from the keyboard.


TrenchKnife, on my end it looks like you’re just talking to yourself; anything we’re missing?

Personally I like the newer look, even if it’ll take me awhile to get used to. Some of the more important features we gained was a much larger capacity to host images as well as having control over the site, since we lost access on our former host.


Sam, you’re missing nothing. That’s awesome with the updated features. yes I was typing with myself as I muddled through the surprise introduction. As I poked around the new icons, I realized this new format would have been more likely to let me know the update was coming. I can easily keep track of new posts in other categories.


Can we get quotes in our sigs again?