Thoughts on Blade Runner 2049


Just spent nearly an hour typing up my thoughts on the new film, but unfortunately forum logged out before I could post it and now it’s gone… oh well.

Anyway, the new film. Amazing lighting and sound, story is OK nothing amazing, characters seem kind of underdeveloped or flat (especially Ryan Gosling) though that may be just a stylistic thing. Overall I enjoyed the new sequel mostly for the same reasons as the old: amazing aesthetics. I don’t understand charges of sexism against the new film either, as I feel the whole film is in large part a critique against objectification of others.


It’s the best movie I’ve seen in years, and I say that after a few weeks of catching up on Oscar contenders from 2015 and 2016. Everything clicked for me. Every scene had an interesting flourish and explored a minor, but fascinating, science fiction or theme in some way.

I liked the plot, but if you’re following closely it’s not super hard to figure out the twists. Didn’t matter though, it’s not really a “gotcha” Shyamalan flick, it just uses the twists as yet another flavor in the soup.