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Hey Otherfolk!
I’ve got a bunch of notes and screenshots here that I’m going to hit you with for this playthrough. A lot of it is fairly obvious, but I’m leaving it all in just in case. Great work so far, and I’m looking forward to more!

(This is a copy/paste from a direct feedback email. For more visibility)


  • Ok/Cancel in input options screen grayed out when coming back from bindings. Can’t click, have to close the game. (and controller bindings refuse to save)

  • Attempting to change resolutions can screw up the options transparency. (SS)

  • The game initially starts on my secondary monitor, which is to my left. Here is a screeny of my settings. #1 is my main monitor on the right.

  • Mouse scrolling in options is very very slow. Easier to drag the sidebar.

  • Only the native max resolution seems to be supported. I cannot use any other resolution. Even if I quit and restart.

  • Graphics quality settings initially set to ‘fastest’. While this may not be a bug, it really lowered the initial experience quality of the game. Perhaps set to the middle? Or in the future, some small benchmark to set the quality would do.

  • Can’t click on the 2nd panel of runes. I believe this has something to do with me jiggering with the resolution settings. I imagine once you figure out why resolutions aren’t changing, this problem will just go away.

  • In low resolution (fastest) the hand-grab icon is undefined. It’s just a blob of white and gray.

  • Menu not centered after mucking with resolution settings (SS)


  • Blur effect when running is odd and distracting. Especially the blur on the torch that’s held.


  • Hands sometimes freeze mid-climb on rope.

  • Run animation loops along with sound when running and jumping onto a rope

  • Collision box for lighting a torch on a wall is a bit too small.

Spell System

  • When a spell ‘fizzles’ (at least that’s what I think it is), it’s not really super obvious. A nice fizzle sound, or perhaps even the characters hand reacting to a fizzle would give a better indication.

  • Long delay between spell cast, and it actually going off. This is especially a problem when trying to pinpoint a rope toss when you’re swinging from another rope.

  • Can cast spells when dead.


  • Footsteps seem to always occur. Even when standing still

  • Sound for torch swing overlaps when pressed excessively.

  • Sometimes when picking up an object, the sound of lifting an object is instantiated what seems like 100+ times over itself. To the point where I had to whip off my headset. :<


  • Casting a rope onto the chandelier had a very bizarre effect. (SS)

  • Running up stairs was very jagged. I would love to see a developer master this problem at some point. I know it’s difficult! If somehow each foot could be planted on a stair when going up them without the player realizing or feeling it, that would be a real feat. Or there’s always the slope collider hack. :smiley:

  • Tripped over a bridge rope and died. That was unexpected! :smiley:

  • Basketball doesn’t roll down hills very well.

  • Jumping into doors (and walls) lets you see what’s on the other side if they’re thin enough.

  • No collision at top of large wooden door in playground. Jumping off a rope into that area lets you bypass the door completely.


  • Can’t blow out the first torch in the playground

  • Relighting chandelier in the playground would produce light, but had no fire effects

I’m looking forward to the next update! Please let me know if you need any more information for any particular issue I’ve mentioned.


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