UA Sept 16 2019 Weekly Update!


Last week’s update as reference!

Still logging PC/M/L and PS4/Xbox One bugs that came up over the weekend.

The hotfix slider issue for PS4 is still underway. Waiting for certification on that.

Xbox One builds have been failing internally, so our certification process has been delayed on that front.

In the meanwhile, I just got some updates on KS goods this morning, so I’ll be reinvesting into the Making of UA DVD and shipping good details. Still hoping to get everything arranged so Fangamer has all of our assets by the end of this month and we can begin shipping.

If you have any questions about your pledge or need to change your survey information, please contact us at !


Hey, it’s good to hear this proceeds.

just out of curiosity, would any of the “stuff” you guys are making for the backer rewards be available for purchase otherwise ?



For most of the higher-tier physical rewards, I would expect nearly all of those to be a first- and only-edition copy. We may have a handful of extra figurines and/or Collector’s Editions available, but less than 50 of each, and we would most likely sell any extras through Fangamer for shipping purposes. (We’re sending Fangamer EVERYTHING we have to make sure that they have spares in case any of the figurines break, for example.) Once we’ve shipped everything out to backers, we can basically re-assess our inventory and see if there’s any additional physical copies we can sell.

For the digital backer-exclusive rewards, such as the Making of UA DVD and the Game Manual, I’m still trying to set up a way to allow people to buy those rewards off our site. I’ve been distracted coordinating the physical shipment and production aspect of things recently since I’m trying to get everything packed up and ready to go by the end of this month, and a couple of those digital rewards are still being reviewed anyways. But yes, that’s something we’d also like to make available.