UA Update 3 Stream in 45 min


Just a heads up that we’re streaming on Steam in about 45 minutes!
^It’s just on the UA Steam page, for those curious.

The conference room is occupied, or else I’d be running more tests… Trying to see if I can get a recording of the stream as well so I can upload to YouTube later.

The three save files I have queued up will go over:

  1. How to get Fane / show off some Cage Mages
  2. Quick tour of Marcaul, highlight some cool spots as well as talk about general performance upgrades
  3. Late-game Tyball’s Folly magic setup for an Expel quest


Of course, Valve was so overworked that we couldn’t stream to the storepage, so we ended up streaming on Twitch instead!

VOD is here, YouTube link pending.