Ultima Underworld on PlayStation 5?



Is it possible to play Ultima Underworld Ascendant on PlayStation 5, buying it on PlayStore ?


Only if PS5 is backward compatible. Assume it’s a risk.


Can dev answer this question ?
If not, will never play it as I own the PC version (kickstarted without nowing a PS version will arrive) but don’t have a good PC to play it.


We do not currently have a PS5 compatible version.


Thanks :) hope I will play it on PS4 ;)


I bought the PS4 version of the game today on the PS store and so far I’m playing it on my PS5 with no issues.


Yes, few weeks/months later, I know now that all games from PS4 can be bought/downloaded to PS5.

Just have to wait for a discount… and a PS5 ;)