Undamageable Armor and Weapons


Am I correct that named armor and weapons will not suffer damage or wear out? Right now everything I have equipped is named and doesn’t have a stat like “Pristine”, “Worn”, etc. I’m guessing those will remain that way and never wear out and I can hold them throughout the game if I want to.

I was glad when Aelita finally had the Leather Shadow Armor again. It is only 10%, but with the emphasis on stealth, it feels like what I should be using. At time time I was short on money and sold an assassin’s blade to get it (I still have Talon of the Outcasts and had to guess which is better).

I also have a hat that prevents hunger or poison, gloves that have some other strange stat I don’t recognize (sorry, forgot the name), Hermès boots, Sword of Light (maybe not the best choice) and Talon of the Outcasts. Plus I picked up a ring that prevents certain types of damage.

My armor is lower when I had purchased chain, and Aelita is now selling plate in some items, but I think the game is designed around stealth so it is preferred to wear leather. I considered carrying better armor and swapping it in certain locations but my inventory is generally full and I usually have to drop items by the end of a quest. I guess it really depends on which skill chain you try to follow.


Just confirming that yes, any equipment without any durability text are safe and should not break!

I know I tend to carry special armor whenever I can, and I actually prefer plate since I tend to charge in… thankfully overall armor weight doesn’t matter as much in UA as the skills you choose :smiley:


Sword of light is freaking awesome for pitched battles in the dark… but it does rather destroy the whole stealth thing :slight_smile: