Underworld Ascendant lore tied to Shadow of the Avatar?


I noticed something interesting today when I was reading/listening to the memora logs under “Secrets”.

The head of the elves said that they were shaped by the Obsidians as slaves (I think she said slaves) and that’s exactly what the Tracy Hickman novel describes as the background for Shadow of the Avatar.

Can anyone shed any light in the connection?


Shroud of the Avatar (the game Tracy Hickman wrote that book for) is intended to be a spiritual successor to the Ultima game series published by Origin Systems. Underworld Ascendant is intended to be a spiritual successor to the Ultima Underworld game series also published by Origin. The Ultima IP is owned by Electronic Arts and neither project was allowed to license it directly.


The novella for UA will actually involve dark elves leaving Novia (the land in Shroud of the Avatar) to come to the Stygian Abyss. I’m hoping we hear something about that soon.


Thank you both for the info and insight.

Backstory and lore that ties together different games and series has always been appealing to me. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been sticking with Ascendant.

It’s the same reason I enjoyed playing the recent Bard’s Tale 4. Xile stayed true to the Bard’s Take universe (loved navigating Skara Brae rendered in modern graphics).


Some conversation on this can be found here :


I had big hopes for cross media tie-ins beyond a book’s story partly relating to game irrelevant topics. in a diluted far off description, the three play together; UA, SoTA, and the novel.

so I won’t be finding clues in the book, or reading closure of UA abyss stories in Hickman’s Novel. we also won’t find much plot between any of the items.

I suspect it will be a good read just the same.


You can also find a little about Pir Tama’s rescue of the Dark Elves ingame. We can gather:

Pir Tama, (‘Peer Tah-mah’) was guided by Cabirus. She wielded a dagger, Pir Tama’s Ire, to lead the rebellion of the Disenthralled Elves from their enthrallment to their wizard master, one of the Obsidian sorcerers who had formed their race to be their slaves.

She died young, but lived long enough to teach her people diplomacy and unity with the factions of the Underworld, welcoming their aid. She died “shortly” (though perhaps some years) after their arrival, in the act of sealing the portal through which they had escaped to the Underworld.

At least, that’s the lore I could find, which I’ve written up at http://underwiki.com/wiki/Characters. Whether that is the truth the book tells, we can’t know - our narrator ingame seems rather unreliable, and all characters have their own motivations and faction biases, so any amount of this could be misremembered, delusions, braggadocio, or even outright lies.

http://sotawiki.net/sota/Elf has Elven lore from the point of view of New Britannia, which mentions an “Obsidian Order”, appearing to tie into this lore.


Ah, Shroud of the Avatar:

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