Underworld Ascendant - Update 1 Survey

Underworld Ascendant ‏ @Underworld_Asc Dec 24

We released a big Update 1 last week which included a new save-anywhere system, combat upgrades, & more!

We’re still looking for feedback about the game and our update plans, which you can submit here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T3V57BB

Thank you for playing the newly updated version of Underworld Ascendant! Please complete this survey if you have played the game with Update 1 patch installed. As a reminder Update 1 was released on December 20, 2018.

We would like to hear your feedback about the improvements we’ve made to the game. We would also like hear about things you’d like us to focus on in future updates. Thanks again for playing our game!


  1. What is your age?
    25 to 34

  2. In what country do you live?
    United States

  3. Are you a Kickstarter Backer?

  4. How long did you play the game before Update 1?
    Before Update 1 5 - 10 hours
    After Update 1 2 - 5 hours

  5. What is your email address? (so we can contact you with potential follow up questions or clarifications)

Goal: In Update 1, we completely overhauled Underworld Ascendant’s save game system. Please provide us feedback on it.

  1. Please rate the following statement:
    The new save game
    system meets my
    needs Strongly Agree

  2. How else can we improve the save game system?:
    You did a great job with it! I think it’s done.

Goal: We’ve made a number of improvements to various gameplay systems since launch. Please provide us feedback on them.

  1. How much of the different play-styles did you use? (Approximately x% of the time, answers should total 100%)
    Combat 30%
    Stealth 30%
    Magic 40%

  2. How would you rate these gameplay systems before Update 1? (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)
    Combat 4
    Stealth 5
    Magic 7
    Player Movement 3
    Physics 4
    AI 3

  3. How would you rate these gameplay systems after Update 1? (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)
    Combat 5
    Stealth 5
    Magic 7
    Player Movement 3
    Physics 4
    AI 3

  4. How can we improve these gameplay systems?:
    I’d like to apply spells effects to arrows.
    I can’t mantle at the top of a magic-vine
    I don’t fear making noise enough. (Stealth)

  5. Outside of these systems, are there any others that should be improved and why?
    I don’t fear the enemy enough or dark areas.
    Not enough tight spots (enemy clusters) or surprises
    (e.g. enemy spawning from dark fissures in the walls)

Goal: We’ve made a number of improvements to levels to make them more fun and immersive. Please provide us feedback about it

  1. How did you feel about the amount of monsters in levels after Update 1?
    Too few

  2. Please list any positive or negative examples:
    I liked the extra slugs. I wish you had more stuff like that.

Goal: Loot in Underworld Ascendant is meant to operate under economics of scarcity like the original, rather than horn of plenty. (Ex: Players should not have an overabundance of gear or access to high level gear early, but must strategically pursue gear upgrades).

We’d appreciate your feedback on these elements.

  1. Rate the availability of loot, weapon and item drops from the following sources after Update 1:
    Chests Just right
    Monsters Just right
    Aelita’s Shop in the Midnight Forum Just right

  2. Rate weapon and armor wear after Update 1:
    Just right

  3. How can we further improve loot and gear in Underworld Ascendant?:
    I’d like to find new runes more often. (How many runes should I have before the doom counter is half way???) Also why can’t I sell spare runes, as of now they just vanish.

Goal: We want to ensure building your own character’s skills and using Memora and Feats is rewarding for your playstyle.

  1. How clearly did you understand what you needed to do to gain Skill Points?
    Somewhat unclear

  2. Rate the Memora costs of Skills overall:
    Just right

  3. How clearly did you understand what you needed to do to earn Feats?
    Somewhat unclear

  4. What could we do to improve Skills and Feats? Why?
    I’d like the ability to turn off select skill/feats. I picked the super jump feat and I really regret that because it feels ridiculous to me. I’m not a super jump kind of guy.

Goal: We want the game’s overall goals and mechanics to be fun and interesting.

  1. Did you clearly understand what you needed to do to progress further in the game?
    I had a vague idea of what I had to do

  2. Please rate how much you like the following game goals and mechanics:
    The Abyssal Keys Dislike
    Faction Favor Strongly dislike
    Influence Strongly dislike
    The Doom Counter Neutral
    Turning Back the Doom Counter Strongly Like

  3. How can we improve these game goals?
    I don’t find these goals interesting or compelling. I didn’t like the faction favor stuff in Thief: Deadly Shadows and I’m at a lost to improve on it, rather then replace it.

  4. How would you rate the game overall before Update 1? (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)

  5. How would you rate the game overall after Update 1? (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)

  6. What other improvements to Underworld Ascendant would you like to see? Why?
    Books!!! Books!!! And more books!
    I loved the books in The Elder Scrolls. So I’d like to introduce/recommend Ted Peterson who wrote for Daggerfall/Morrowind/Oblivion. He’s not working with Bethesda anymore and he could really flesh out the feeling of the underworld.

I’ve been playing both Subnautica and Underworld Ascendant lately and the one thing that really sticks out to me that Subnautica has over Underworld Ascendant is that I never feel safe. Now to be fair Subnautica has it easy, because it’s set in the ocean which is as close to an abyssal hell as you can get. Underworld Ascendant is set in the stygian abyss and yet there’s nothing abyssal about it. I feel like I should be afraid to look over ledges that I might see black chasms and hear unknown and haunting sounds in the deep. I want to fear the deep and fear that bits of the deep will creep up to devour me.


Exciting! I’ll wait until after the holidays to fill this out though, so I’ve given the new patch a good testing and playthrough.


Ditto that. There no way to fairly answer the survey without spending at least a few hours with Update 1. Now that we are past the holidays, back to it!


After the update my game CTD every 30 minutes it didn’t do that before everything runed fine im on a amd 580 intel I7 2600 16 gigs of memory windows 7 this is the only game that i own that CTD i would like to go back to the vanilla version for now but i cant im on steam.