Underworld Ascendant - Xbox One X?


I have Underworld Ascendant on Steam and now just purchased it for my Xbox One X. Since I play better with a controller, having it on the Xbox One X was always wanted.

I’m curious if there are any plans to beef up the resolution on Xbox One X? It can certainly handle it, and any bump at all will be a welcome addition to the Xbox One X. If it’s not being considered, please change your minds and consider it?


You think you want that but you don’t. The coding of this game is too fragile to take anymore adjustments. I imagine bubble gum and gaffa tape are somehow holding the digital files together. Somehow Otherside would find a way to make that nonsense true lol.


The game will run fine at higher resolution on Xbox One X. It runs fine at higher resolution on my PC, too.


yeah i wouldn’t be so sure, but hey, I’m the resident bad guy, i must be lying for some strange reason as opposed to the financially motivated devs.


Things are getting a little hot around here, these days, and Im a little confused. Some people say the game is terrible some say its great!


Chad could you please check if your X Box build is the same as your PC build? I played it through on ps4 and was shocked at what I played, looked on youtube and found major differences between the ps4 and PC update 4 versions.


When people have supposedly identical systems, but the reports are widely varied, it’s hard not to move scrutiny to the player instead of the software.

However, it’s bizarre that the new revision is such a massive degradation on the consumer side, and no one saw the problems manifesting on the devs’ side, and I wonder what is rationally different? It makes no sense that OtherSide would self-sabotage as a business model, and if sabotage is occurring, hasn’t been rooted out.