Underworld needs apparition/thief npcs in the dungeons


I assume npcs in the missions would need the realism of reacting if you aggro enemies into their vicinity? and that requires time and money to code, but what about npcs like a thief with quests for the player who can disappear in a puff of smoke? or a genie who comes out of a lamp? 3 lamps spread out across the dungeons each granting a wish but one wish has negative consequences.

I know those where very generic ideas but surely otherside could come up with better ideas. I don’t need a token npc each dungeon floor but a few familiar faces to bump into and a few mysteries surrounding whether they are friend or foe would greatly enhance the atmosphere.


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Have you had a chance to play a bit of Update 3 already? One of the NPCs you described is already in game… namely, a thief who disappears in a puff of smoke and then reappears later. Fane is an Outcast, who are basically ninja-like humans, and if you manage to rescue him from a cage, he’ll actually become interested in you and set up near Haprukala’s camp in the level to offer you some loot for your journey. Outcasts are described as resourceful, and much like Aelita camped up in Marcaul, Fane’s out for a deal.

Likewise, there ARE actually some additional NPCs slated for Update 4 that we’re working on, one of which is a familiar character depending on whether you’ve explored some of the graffiti scattered throughout the Abyss.

I like your ideas about introducing memorable characters for narrative beats, and I wish we had more time and a budget to implement more mechanic-specific effects for interacting with NPCs. Right now we’re trying to maximize NPC interactions based on the systems we already have in place. One of my favorite NPC additions is also a Merchant-type, and I like how if you take your time to explore and help out fellow denizens, they can aid you in return. It’s not mandatory, and we’ve been trying to shy away from any cutscenes or forced events.


For meself, I very much like information like this. I have a lot of catching up to do, but this is nice.


I haven’t tried update 3 and wasn’t expecting it to contain content like an npc so that is fantastic news. I’m waiting on update 4 to give it a full play through and honestly, I’m getting more and more excited about that play through.