Underworld Overlord is out today, apparently



Underworld Overlord - Launch Trailer Available December 8th 2016 Only On Daydream, Google's high quality, mobile VR platform

“Be the bad guy” as a newly-undead evil wizard and protect your Virtual Reality (VR) dungeon realm against an onslaught of brazen adventurers. Place deadly traps, cast powerful spells, and command horrible monsters to thwart these so-called “heroes” and preserve your subterranean rule.

Get Underworld Overlord exclusively on Daydream through Google Play.

Visit http://www.underworldoverlord.com for more information!


First review!



Congratulations! Every game actually shipped is a victory. :slight_smile:

This one also seems like it went from announcement to delivery relatively very quickly. If that’s an accurate perception, how was it accomplished?

Also, is it time yet to start obsessively picking through Underworld Overlord for hints to features of Underworld Ascendant? :wink: Like… fireball-spewing bats?? That’s going to be fun for fans of the original UU, especially if the first bats we encounter don’t have ranged attacks. (Heh.)

And what’s this “Animus” thing? Is that a hint to the nature of the Big Bad in UA? Maybe I shouldn’t ask…

At any rate, kudos to everyone who worked on UO, and congrats on a very positive review.

Now can someone please explain to that writer the difference between “strategizing” and tactics? Sigh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on the ad on its website, the game borrows heavily from the concept of Dungeon Keeper. It completely dodges mentioning that game though, almost posing as if this was a wholly new idea. The tagline “Be the bad guy” and calling itself “innovative”… I really don’t see why it has to try and hide its obvious inspirations like that. Maybe it is different and even worth calling “innovative” in other respects, but jesus!


I’ve been referring to the game on Twitter as a mix of Dungeon Keeper and Plants vs Zombies with a touch of BOOM BLOX. Where I think it innovates the most is in its VR implementation. Love to hear what you think, if you get a chance to play.


Many thanks! I’ll pass on your kind words to our VR team, who worked really hard to make the game a lot of fun AND ready near the launch of the new platform. (Warren Spector just said to them last week, “I don’t know how you did it…”)

There are a few creatures that exist in both Underworld Overlord and Underworld Ascendant, though their look and function will vary since they have different art styles and gameplay. The voice cast of UO (which included Courtenay Taylor, who was Jack in Mass Effect 2) may provide a peek at the talent of the folks we’re working with in UA.

Our resident story nerd will likely sneak in a few lore tie-ins…