Update 1 Observations


I’m only 3 keys in on my update 1 playthru (sorry - finding it hard to make the time). Here’s what I have noticed so far:

There’s still a clipping problem with the dome above Resherak (maybe not the right term - but a map error with the same effect as a “noclip” cheat code)

I have the mana leech activated, and several times now when I turn around from trading with Aelita and take a step or two towards the mana leech, it disappears. It reappears at a different nearby location in a few seconds. Not sure if it is going invisible or inappropriately teleporting. But we’re in open ground, and I’m not that close to it.

I saw with my own eyes where the leech was on the other side of a gate from me, and it teleported to my side - I assume to keep up with me (what is needed). However, it still gets lost/stuck half way through the map, failing at being a companion.

It seems like the environmental damage needs to be tuned a bit. One example is jumping into the moat of khnum. I don’t recall if I landed on one of the floating wooden platforms or overshot and landed in the water next to one of the platforms. But I took a good chunk of damage, which didn’t seem warranted for what happened.

I had another occurrence of the E: Lift on a chain while climbing it / can’t let go of a chain. The good news is I was able to save the game, load it, and all was well with no loss of progress.

The number of memora I am getting from quests is much more modest than before. I think this is a good improvement.

I can’t sell mana cores? I think this is positive too. I was farming those things for the cash, and not being able to buy anything worthwhile with my hoard. Looks like the in game economy is going to be way different now.



It always bothered me that when heading to the necrotic graveyard, more times than not the last door I would pass through in the incessant pit would catch on fire for no apparent reason. Well I finally noticed that a sconce is on the wall behind it. Move the sconces!



Here’s a new one for me. E: Lift got stuck on for some reason. The pictures represent me walking forward slowly through the moat of khnum and E: Lift was floating in front of me. It eventually disappeared.



Last time I’m complain about the companions not keeping up. The last pic is the most amusing. The leech got caught in some weeds.

Forgive me for suggesting a solution, but it seems like the games needs a check: if distance from player is greater than xx feet, teleport it near to the player.



First time I’ve seen this video glitch. Visual artifact extruding from dead undead. Maybe we can blame it on my particular video card or nvidia driver version? But I didn’t see it in my 70 hours (so says steam) prior to update 1.


Three other oddities for now.

Was fighting an undead with a Pristine Ancient Blade and got the message that my weapon was broken. Looked in the inventory and the description was now Excellent. Should the message be “weapon took damage?”

Found a shadow leaf on a quest and ate it just to identify it (not previously eaten/identified in this playthru). When I got back to Aelita, the shadow loaf in her trade inventory still had a description of “consume to learn more.”

Accepted “expel the cthonians” quest and it immediately completed on entering the portal. I never entered the map. Just went back to the beginning of Marcaul.


I’ve had that “weapon was broken” message when I’ve had no weapon equipped and no damageable weapons in my hotbar. 80% sure I didn’t have them in my inventory, either.

“Shadow leaf” and “shadow loaf” aren’t the same - was that a typo?

Teleporting companions is how Skyrim handles the lost-companion problem - works well!


Yup. Sorry. Shadow loaf in both cases.


I’m starting to play with video recording. Here’s one of an undead who first moon walked (I guess back pedaling is valid movement, I certainly do it enough in combat), but once dead he spun for quite some time.


Another example of non-functioning traps. I haven’t studied this closely, but it seems more glitchy (sometimes broke, sometimes not) than persistent (once broken always broken).


This video didn’t turn out well. You only see a steady second or two of it rather than the 10 seconds I had hoped to capture. A lizard man was being hit by an invisible foe. It went on for the minute or so as I stood there, so apparently not much damage.


I’ve seen this before update 1 - first time after. I was doing the expel the lich quest and took down three of these leeches (not sure what they are called). All three remained APPARENTLY alive, but unresponsive.


Another bug still around after update 1. Sometimes an animus spawns on top of a chest. I didn’t catch it in a video, but upon first approaching the lid flaps wildly. After that, the lid is just askew and can’t be opened.



Nice :slight_smile: How’re you recording the video? That looks super useful for bug-reporting!


Under Options / Social, there’s a checkbox for caching the last 15 seconds of video. In the hotkey options, my capture video is bound to “G.” At first I thought my machine could handle leaving the video caching on all the time, but there is a slight lag in game play. So I have been turning it on when needed - which means I lose a few events that flash by and are gone.

I’m also not capturing exactly what I want, so some experimentation is needed on when to hit the G key and what I am doing to shut the video off prematurely (I assume hitting the G key a second time).

For Windows machines, the videos go into the Video directory.

Of course there are third party programs to do this, but I have never had the need and since this function is built in …


Thanks! That sounds well worth playing with :smiley:


A better video of a lizardman getting hit by an invisible foe. In this case, he did eventually die.


And caught a decent video of my unnecessarily teleporting companion.



Fun with videos! Playing with the buffer running does slow the game a bit, but I just got used to it.

Here’s the next round of observations. I haven’t seen anything about official playtesting, and I didn’t see anything obvious on Discord. I’m past due for asking sluangkhot about that. But for now, just observations as I continue my second playthru.

A non-functioning chest - no response at all to the E key


A seriously messed up door. I forgot to grab the map location, but I suppose this is just general advice that the door physics still need work. The video doesn’t show it, but the door completely separated from the bottom hinge for a bit of time.


Some incomplete quest text (probably reported before)


More of a gripe than a bug: Why did the Shambler quests dry up mid game when my favor needs some work? They came back after I completed the next quest. I just thought it odd - perhaps I needed to make progress on the main quest line before they got replenished? But why didn’t the other 2 factions dry up too?


Lots of pillars, chests, etc. floating (not connected to the ground) in this area.


Previously reported, but just a video to reinforce that the sword of sutr does zero damage to an animus. Maybe resistant to fire, but that edge has got to do SOME damage.


Some good map correction has been done, but this one stood out as a larger gap in the environment.


There were a lot of wall surfaces in this area that I could jump through.


I forgot to grab the map location of this immaterial wall, but it is in Reach near the previous map location.