Update 2: good progress but...


I had already completed the game before Update 2 and restarted after Update 2 was released.

No question that there’s been lots of progress but the same frustrating problems are popping back up. The most egregious are the load hangs and crashes that with pre-buld 2 were associated with portal travel. Now I get the infamous “hang with no disc activity for 6+ minutes” loading between levels on the grand staircase to a black screen when loading a quick-save where I have to kill the program.

That along with some memora logs still being blanks/placeholders to the new issue where staying on a level between quests doesn’t reset the chest that has the quest item. This last one looks like an oversight where two issues clashed: having the side quests available/started within the level in conflict with the chests remaining open. Leaving the level seems to make this work most times but it’s not intuitive.

I will revisit in 6-8 months once the physical goods are shipped and arrive - we’ll see how stable it is by then - crossing fingers…


So I lied…I updated my Nvidia drivers to see if it would make a difference and it didn’t, but…

I decided to wait through what appeared to be a crash when loading a quick-save and it finally responded so I looked at the log and saw this:

Loading from Swamp1_Master to Swamp1_Master
UI Tear Down: 0.0019946s

Unload Previous Level: 302.3054168s.
UI Rebuild: 0s
Wait For Load Screen: 0.0019941s
Clear VO: 0s.
Find Root Objects: 0s.
Async Load Time: 1.016404s.
Wait For Loaded Scene: 3.3924793s
Post Audio Routine: 0.0009938s.
Activation Took: 0.0009974s.
Screen Fix Took: 0s
Prefab Spawners Took: 0.0129661s
Level Setup: 0.0564322s
Rebuilding Save Took: 0.3391276s
Toggle Region Initialization: 0.1154397s
Rebuilding Save Player Took: 0s
Player Spawn Time: 0.0279257s
First Toggle: 0.0189499s
Gentle Settlers Waited For: 0s
OnLevelLoad Took: 0s

Complete Level Load Time: 7.2404301s

The key line above is “>> Unload Previous Level: 302.3054168s” - five (5) minutes!!

During this time there is no disk activity according to Task Manager and UA.exe is marked as “Not responding”.

This may be the key to the unresponsiveness & what others have reported as long load times.


And it occurred to me that I like pre-update 2, this problem seems to be centered around the Under Swamps.


its been stomped by Will.
We are looking into a hotfix.


QA needs to verify, but I believe I tracked down fixes for the remaining bugs with the Memora pick-ups yesterday. (I also added a new one that had been unused.) That likely won’t be in our next hotfix since that’s for highest priority issues like crashes, but it’s on the way.

Looking forward to sharing the plan for our next Update, by the way.


Joe, it would be very welcome. Good to hear from you :slight_smile: