Update 2 + Hotfix Feedback


I started over focusing on the crashes (“unload level” stalling) and the chest content restocking for quest items - both of which I reported a few weeks ago.

  1. So far the loads have been smooth, even the Under Swamps where the problems seem to mostly occur. I still have more to do in that area so we’ll see…

  2. Thanks to a suggestion from someone on the Steam board, I’ve been closing all the chests I loot so that contents can restock on a load. It works pretty well…in fact, it works too well…the contents restock even with a quick-save / quick-load while in the middle of the quest. I was able to spam ripper pomes from the same chest using F5 + F9. I have to believe this is a simple change to not restock if “questInProgress=1”.

And, again, for the record, this whole issue needs to be revisited because the inexperienced gamer is not going to know to force a load of a level when they get the quest on the same level. Typically they will finish the last main last quest of a level and it’s hit or miss if they go back to the hub. They can just pick up one of the side quests on the same level and go for it. That’s what I did when I discovered the chests did not restock.

A few other items I noticed:

  1. Feat updated seem to have problems. Some feats get done but they aren’t highlighted in the list and others don’t register. I killed a Ripper and didn’t get credit for “Bark & Bite”. Given that we don’t appear to get any skill points for anything but feats, this is a big deal.

  2. Successive quick-save + quick-loads start to cause frame-rate hitches.

  3. The first blue memora I picked up via a side-quest was yet another only type log with no text / voice. For me it’s a real mood killer. I enjoy the lore and I can tell some work went into the memora content and voice overs. It would be nice if they all worked.


Still some issues with “unload level” and, again, Under Swamps seems to still be the sensitive area.

Note the 86 second unload time in the following log entry:

Loading from Swamp1_Master to Swamp2_Master
UI Tear Down: 0.0029931s

Unload Previous Level: 86.4720216s.
UI Rebuild: 0s
Wait For Load Screen: 0.0029923s
Clear VO: 0s.
Find Root Objects: 0s.
Async Load Time: 9.0666093s.
Wait For Loaded Scene: 3.6453667s
Post Audio Routine: 0.0019959s.
Activation Took: 0.0009972s.
Screen Fix Took: 0s
Prefab Spawners Took: 0.7909269s
Level Setup: 0.2770906s
Toggle Region Initialization: 0.1032025s
Player Spawn Time: 0.0359059s
First Toggle: 0s
Pre Load Audio Took: 2.3616368s
Gentle Settlers Waited For: 1.5972847s
OnLevelLoad Took: 0s

Complete Level Load Time: 17.2705462s