UPDATE 3 + April 10 Weekly Update


Hey everyone!

Update 3 is finally out, and you can read the full build notes here on Steam.

For this week, we’ve split our work between finishing up Update 3 and working on Update 4. I’ve teased at some of the NPC work we’ve been doing, as well as some of the quest additions that will come with those inclusions. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for any candidates for an Update 3 hotfix if we see any glaring common crashes or issues, or anything we can shift to Update 4.

Additionally, we’ve released the Underworld Ascendant novella by Tracy Hickman and our soundtrack. These are both available to download on your BackerKit.

To find these downloads, log into your BackerKit account here, navigate to Digital Downloads and then download the PDFs and soundtrack folders.

If you are unable to log into your BackerKit, notify us at support@otherside-e.com as soon as possible so we can update your email login. We will need your Backer #, which is listed on your Kickstarter account for Underworld Ascendant.


Alright, thanks for this!

I look forward very much to hearing what everyone here has to say about this!



As always, let us know what you think guys.


Keep it coming! You’re all champs.


Had a quick bash on Update 3 tonight, more solid improvements being made and the abyss certainly feels like it has a bit more character to it compared to launch. It’s surprising what a few tweaks to NPCs, geometry, performance etc. can achieve!

Still a whole bunch of niggles and bugs to report, mainly around controller support so far, but it’s late here so I’ll go into more detail on those when I have more time!


Thanks Jenuall! Yes we’ve been cataloguing controller feedback ever since Update 2… the ones that hurt me the most are the save game options / loading a save game so far.

I should double check on the status of the quicksave for controllers options. I think Will snuck that in for me right after a couple of you suggested it.

EDIT: Checked with Will, you will need to assign the bindings in the options menu to use quicksave and quickload on controller. We allow you to assign a combination of 2 inputs and we’re leaving it up to the player to decide what makes the most sense for them, unless there’s an overwhelming preference for a certain default.


Great news. but … the Novella was not a backer reward, not one that I can find. or was it and I missed that level, or was an add on ?

edit: whooops … it’s an add on as either digital or physical.

is it still possible to get a copy?


Thank you for continued support for this game! I cannot wait for Update 4!


It was an add-on!

If you’d like to purchase it through BackerKit, I can manually adjust your pledge for you. Feel free to contact us at support@otherside-e.com with your BackerKit email to adjust accordingly!

EDIT: we’re looking into ways to sell the novel and soundtrack for non-backers, to be clear. Backers just get priority in the meantime ;)



Here’s most of the relevant text from the Kickstarter:

Tracy’s book, telling the tale of how the Dark Elves arrived in the Abyss, will not only help in establishing the backstory to Underworld Ascendant , but will also provide readers with important clues as to the workings of this enigmatic faction.

Available in digital or physical formats as an Add-On, this is a must read for all fans of Underworld Ascendant !

And here’s text from the Avatar ($200) level KS pledge:

Receive all digital Kickstarter Add-On’s for FREE

To me, that sounds like everyone who pledged at the $200 level and up would be entitled to a copy of the digital version of the novella. That is, it is a “backer reward” for some but not all backers.

Am I misunderstanding something?


AHA! That does sound correct, thank you for flagging that Flatfingers!

Backerkit’s tag and distribution system is a little wonky on our end, so I will have to manually apply to novella to all people who receive that add-on. Doing that now!


ok, off topic.

It is so nice to see TrenchKnife with the classic Ultima dragon and Flatfingers and the TriOp, and of course this new Forum has seen the return of my favorite poster. Things are looking good for our new home!