Update 4 is now LIVE: Build Notes & Discussion



We just released Update 4! Build notes here.

Feel free to leave your impressions and questions here! Any major bugs or issues will be flagged for a hotfix candidate.



Please, report on this!


I restarted a brand new game.

Launched the game. First room. There’s a puddle with a little 10-cm tall rock behind it that I must walk on, in order to reach the door. It acts as an invisible wall. I cannot walk over a 10-cm rock. Meanwhile, there’s a stalactite in a corner of that same room and my character has no issue climbing 2 meters on top of it, like it’s a ladder.

I’m mad. This is the very fist room of the game and it already has a major issue, like nobody tested it.

I’m uninstalling this game for good.


What ever happened to the week one purchaser items like the mana leech for backers? I think you said they were coming later for certain backer tiers, but it has been a while and as far as I know I haven’t gotten anything?


Damn, our only hope for some fun is if jim sterling or that spoony guy do a roasting review. We were lied to for years it seems


Dinochow, did you ever check your BackerKit after we last communicated? All backers should have received a key for their own creatures that are equivalent to the Week 1 purchase items.

As for having trouble walking over a small rock, I don’t think I’ve run into that issue playing the first level before. We’re keeping an eye out for any quick fixes we can push for the hotfix, however.


Looking at my BackerKit downloads, I see two entries with keys for the full game, two keys for my rings, and then downloads for the maps and the soundtrack. Unless that second entry for the full game is the first week stuff that’s been mislabelled, or I’m looking in the wrong place, or it’s not there.


Ahh it looks like the keys ran out.

I’ve ordered some additional keys from Valve, which could take between a few hours to a few days. Good catch!

I have a few spare developer keys, so if you’d like to jump in sooner than later, I can DM / email you one of our sets so you can play with your companion creatures without waiting. Email me at support@otherside-e.com if that’s the case, otherwise I’ll update BackerKit with the new batch of keys once I get the new order from Valve.


I can wait, I’m in no rush.


Very excited to read of the new content!


Valve is being silly and only approved ONE of my Kickstarter key orders, so you should see a key for your Vorpa now. The Mana Leech is still pending distribution…

And excited to see others excited for Update 4! :smiley:


Had a bash on update 4 last night, didn’t get too deep into things … goodness knows how many times I must have been through Upper Erebus in various forms by this point!

Another nice update by the looks of things, if anyone has waited until now to jump in then there’s no denying it’s a much better experience now than it was at launch!

Ultimately it’s still essentially the same experience and so those wanting something closer to UU or the game that we hoped would fulfill all of our KS dreams then I think a tempering is still required, but it’s the best version of the experience that UA offers to date. The performance, tuning, extra lore NPCs and enemies and general polish mean it is now much more fun to play and there are fewer things blocking you from seeing what the game does do well.


The PS4 version has which update?

Also, before I start buying all the versions (I can’t play on PC but still bought it to support you guys), is the Switch version still coming?


We’ll have to confirm with 505 whether developing for Switch is still confirmed at this time.

As for the update, the PS4 and Xbox versions will have the Update 4+ (meaning, including hotfixes) that you all have on PC.


Bumping for some additional updates:

505 Games will no longer be publishing Underworld Ascendant for Nintendo Switch™

The Week 1 Companion Creatures for backers under the Adventurer tier should now be available on BackerKit. (The Mana Leech finally was approved this morning by Valve for distribution!) If any of you require additional backer support, feel free to reach out.


Played through Pluto’s Gate last night, and wow this game has come a long way since November. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The load times are dramatically shorter. Only a few seconds to load a level, compared to what felt like minutes in the past.

  • The new beasties look terrifying. I didn’t actually fight any one-on-one. One I killed with a burning crate, and the other just wandered off and didn’t come back. Will they fight skeletons? Because that would explain what happened to the second one.

  • Are there now more feats that can be accomplished? The list looks longer than it did in the past, but it’s been a while.

  • The new UI tweaks make the game look and feel so much better. Amazing what a few small changes caan do.

  • I got a wizardy hat, so I guess I’m a wizard now.

  • My left foot is now the most protected part on my body.

  • Still a few minor bugs with clipping (dead skeleton fell through the ground) and visuals (sconce not visible at a distance), but nothing too bad. I did manage to discover a new spell through a wall, and a skeleton was shooting arrows at the wall as I was banging around on the other side.

  • Doors that wanted the circle key were just showing a . rather than more stylized symbol that I would have expected. Should it be like that?

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll come back if I think of more.


You can see it around 0:20 in this video. You can’t see my keyboard, but I keep trying to move forward but I’m blocked by the rock:

The flickering issues are still here too.


In the hotfix, please, please change the bizarre “The * symbol is visible.” text on doors (it isn’t visible, this is a lie), to something more sensible, like “This door requires the Circle key.” It would also be nice if locked doors actually made an unlocking sound when you open them, and maybe display a message like “You use the Circle key.” Currently there’s no unique feedback for locked doors at all.

I’m liking the new stripped-down, less gamey initial area, but having the first thing you hear be Typhon’s corny “A new challenger approaches!” speech still feels like something out of Mortal Kombat. It would make far more sense for him to not directly address you until you’ve actually done something to attract his attention.

The M key to bring up the map didn’t work for me like 90% of the time. I had to go into the GUI to view the map.

When I killed that new creature type in the starting area, it fell down and its corpse just spun around on the ground infinitely. It didn’t stop until I saved and reloaded.