Upper Erebus Key Quest - Cannot Complete


I’m brand new to Underworld Ascendant, having just purchased it Friday and running Update 2. Earlier tonight I obtained the heart Abyssal key and it shows in my inventory. I then killed the Animus in the area. While leaving, I chased a mana particle over a cliff and died so I decided to reload from my last save point. Now the quest for finding the Upper Erebus Abyssal Key is still active and incomplete, despite me having the key showing in my inventory and feats in the compendium. I’m not sure what to do next other than to abandon the quest.

Also I have a saved game from after killing the Animus where it is still alive and I don’t have the mana core.


I think this is a bug–we heard about it last week and are looking into to. Sorry about that!


I hate to do it, but it sounds like I’m going to be forced to try again from the save prior to obtaining the key. That is a difficult point to return to, sneaking around several enemies, obtaining the key, then fighting the animus and its minions. Unfortunately the game won’t let me save at an intermediate point due to the numerous enemies in the area.