Visited 100 days straight




Congrats! Have we really been on these forums for 3 months already…? Time flies.


Grats! My vacation is gonna break my streak :(


Dewi, Im so sorry! :smiley:

Yeah, time sure does fly!

Fortunately for one, such as myself, I have an eternity to wait, for I am a LICH!

Seriously, yeah I shamelessly come here everyday… just to see! Its one of my first stops actually…


Same, same. I can’t wait for news on the next big project.


Hahahaaa I am in good company. :D Lets see who else stuck it out…


Why do you come here if you haven’t played the game?
100 straight days and you still won’t play it yet imply I don’t know what I’m talking about?
You be you Sandro lol