Vote #3.5 : Lizardman body design


Our vote for the lizardman look came down to effectively a tie. It’s clear that no justice would be done by just picking one over the other. So, we’re going to dig deeper!

We’re going to separate out the question of color scheme. It’s a lot easier to be flexible about, and besides, lizardmen in the original Underworld did come in a variety of colors.

Take a look at Concept A and Concept B. Which do you prefer??


voted for A… ok close polls… were done here


I seconded A now close the poll


I liked concept B more because of its body… but it’s not framed in photo… and the neck is the big turn off.

I’d like a merge of the two or at least make concept-A’s posture straighter and taller.


Concept B time for something different why do we want some lizard golbins we need something unique that suits its enviornment B does that!

Lizardmen are meant to be smart right the A’s look like morons whom can’t make proper clothing, basicly your residing the lizardmen to being trash scum as an A.


To help you guys let me just quote the kickstarter as well
This is the underswamp picture

and from the march the 4th update:

We've already funded their home with our first stretch goal, the Underswamp. So now let’s get them to settle in. Besides, they’re the only intelligent creatures that would actually like to live there.

I leave this open to the fact can any of you tell me how the hell concept A looks intelligent other than basicly looking like lizard goblins…

To help induce the Lizardmen to move in, let’s unlock the Dire Grove, a special area within the Underswamp. The Dire Grove is dominated by a massive species of swamp willow. These willows make fine roosts for Lizardmen treehouses. They also bear a fluorescent green berry, which is said to have an odd magical effect if consumed.

I overall believe that the lizardman concept B far better suits the environment proposed for them and that Lizardman A completely doesn’t suit that environment, i can imagine the more geckofrog like concept B works far better in that environment than the midget goblin lizard of A, i leave it open for one of you A guys to argue why your ones suit the environment when they would most likely be submerged.


Seconded. Just make it look more reptilian than amphibian. Add a tail, maybe make arms and tails a little bit less spindly and most of all change the head and face to something like this:


Voted A because even in black and white B looks too much like a fish and not enough like a lizard. Perhaps that would be different when fully animated. Bummer because, I like the B body better.


B looks like a froglok not a lizard man. Now I am a big fan of frogloks but only if they are in fact frogloks.


Why are you just looking at there body type and looks, you look at there environment this is the problem with these polls your voting on a race that then looks nothing like an adapted creature for its environment would. There a sentient race guys.


Uhh… we are having the same vote… again ??? This was not about color (at least I think it was not) - A is still a lizard and B is still a frog. Nothing changed really, at I least I didn’t previously voted for Green because he is green and the other blue, but because blue is frogman.




Can anyone imagine the Frogman saying “yeshor’click” ( ? I always see them opening and closing their mouth in sillence, like the fish I had a s a child ;D

Anyway a A vote, since it is closer to the original Lizardmen.

And don’t worry people: The final 3D model will not be as bulky, misformed and overall rush-jobbed as Design A (which clearly was done as ugly as it is, only to make you vote B) - because no self respecting artist will want that on his resume… :wink:


I voted for the Lizardman, rather than the Kuo Toa.


So what you are basically saying is, that if a creature does not look intelligent, it cannot be intelligent ? It seems a bit odd having to say that in a fantasy setting, but that seems a bit - racist ?
I always liked the fact that the Lizardmen in the original games looked like cold hearted killers/monsters - but where in fact nothing like that… :slight_smile:

Bica yeshor’click, ossli thes’click…


The concept A looks hunched over, its not suited for its environment, it isn’t properly clothed how is it intelligent or at least smart, Concept B however wears proper clothing, stands tall etc.


I’m still of the idea that having both as different tribes (possibly adapted to different areas / environments) and having a complex relationship would be the best option.


For some reason B makes me think of Admiral Ackbar.


Do not body shame A, because he is just a cold blood and cold hearted Lizardman with deep feelings and emotions. And please send Admiral Ackbar to his friend Jar Jar binks.

Hurra the green one or also called A has a tail.


Again, none of these things are prerequisites for intelligence - our ancestors were hunched over and did not wear clothes, but were already way smarter than apes.
Also, even if I do not see either species as staying primarily under water, how wearing clothes makes the Frogs more suited for their environment if they regularly submerge themselves, as you suggest, is beyond me… :slight_smile: