VR support : instant purchase


As a VR and UU fan I would immediately buy it if we had a VR support.
I know it requires a lot of UI re designs but the Underworld series and concept perfectly suits the VR experience.

So is there some update 3 sheduled ?
Is VR evne as a DLC is something we may expect ? how can me make it happen ?




Heya Cyril,

I don’t think we currently have any plans for VR support, but we have heard a lot of community members bring it up. As far as I know, it would be very intensive to convert UA to a VR game, but it’s on our mind.

We do have plans for an Update 3 and a potential Update 4.


Sam, ok that’sa dangle if ever I saw one on the end of that post… :wink:

Walter said UPD3 content was tbd. What’s the current ball-park thinking being batted about? Can the cummunity have say on where it thinks effort should be headed, even if not realised?


Our current plans for Update 3 is primarily focused around bug-fixing and polishing at the moment. Content ideas (such as NPCs) are being considered for a potential Update 4, and work on that has started now to prepare us for post-Update 3. I can’t share much for Update4 since we’re still deliberating over whether it will be possible. Also need to confirm with our publisher.

As of right now, we need to estimate the budget and timeline for both, but we expect Update 3 to take a little over a month.

EDIT: just realized there was already a similar thread about this here! We can move future update talk to this thread.