Walter signing off


Hi folks, today is my last day at OtherSide. This is bittersweet news for me. It’s a great team here of awesome and talented people that I will miss working with. On top of that, I’m really excited about the new project the studio is working on and will eagerly await more news about it. With that said, the studio is mainly focused on game development now and has less of a need for someone like me, at least for the time being. I am moving on to a new opportunity that I’m really excited about, hence the bittersweetness (more about that another time).

Thank you all for being and remaining our fans. Alyssa, who has popped into the forums and Discord recently, will be keeping you all updated going forward, particularly in the near term on UA Kickstarter fulfillment.

Keep gaming and stay healthy and safe during these times.



Thanks for all your hard work and best of luck!


Thank you, Walter.

You’ll be missed, but I hope your new gig is even more rewarding.


But @OSE_Walter - You leave with no updates since a post 10 days ago by someone completely unknown.


Of course he does, he’s a cheater


Make more sense, not less.


Goodbye, Walter! May there be lots of greener grass for you!


I’m Alyssa, I’m the person that Walter spoke of on Dec 19 in the Physical Rewards Update? thread.
Please feel free to touch base with me on fulfillment for this campaign, as I’ll be the main person working with FanGamer to bring the physical goods to fruition, and sent off to backers.
The best way to get in touch with me for any questions or concerns is emailing me at

Thanks for all your help Walter, and good luck!



Welcome! I don’t envy you the tasks you have to tackle, but welcome.


Best of luck, Walter!