Warren Evan Spector is silent about the dismissal of the entire System shock 3 team


Когда будут новости по поводу “слухов” что всех уволили и разработка System shock 3 закрылась ?


Maxim, try to use English as not everyone here can read Azbuka script nor speaks Russian.

Regarding your question, yeah it sucks that Otherside was removed from development of SShock 3 but at least the project is not dead like sequels for Thief or Deus Ex series. Let‘s hope Nightdive can wrap it up just fine…


Wait…Nightdive has taken over SS3? Has this been in the news?


I agree; I’d like to see a statement directly from either OtherSide or NightDive before I consider “NDS has taken over SS3” to be anything more than a rumor.


Спектор возьми деньги и бегай! Это теперь мимо.


loosely translated into: “Spector take the money and run! It is now past.”