Warren Spector Joins Otherside!


I haven’t seen much evidence that Night Dive have “tons of money”.

New interview: http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/19/11057698/heres-what-warren-spectors-doing-about-system-shock-3


Yes, YES and Y-E-S.

His answers tell me 2 things:

  1. He is paying attention to fan discussions
  2. He knows the correct process he and his team needs to follow to make an awesome game.


Nor have I. I think that the founder has been very successful financially on a personal level - which has allowed him to pursue this brilliant Quixotic crusade of his in a way most of us could only dream of - but in terms of the costs involved in the games industry, I suspect even a sizeable personal fortune would be a drop in the ocean.

Concur - I think it’s fair to assume that the fact he was able to make a shift to teaching indefinitely implies that he doesn’t really have many personal worries financially (i.e. if he’s doing something these days, it’s because he wants to do it). As best I can figure it, WS has a very rare combination of communication and analytical skills (he’s always been ninja-level when it comes to bridging the gap between the suits and engineers) along with a brain that seems to be hard-wired to lateral thinking - the best example of which was when the Dark Camelot project was stumbling as a result of the sword combat mechanics being clunky; his solution? “Why not make a game about a thief?”


If Warren is going to play the originals, livestream it! He would get in touch with all the people who rigoriously played those games, and i’m sure he can get lots and lots of feedback from it! Warren, if by any chance you’re reading this, DO IT!


Please hire Donald Trump also, so we can’t have him for president.

Plus, he has enough money to finance your games.

I'm certainly going to put the word out and see if I can find people who worked on the original games because there aren't a lot of people in the game business who understand the idea of player empowerment in the way that's important to me. There aren't a lot of people who understand the concept of shared authorship. I need to reach out to people who understand those things. I don't want to spend the next year teaching people those things.

If I may paraphrase this: “How do I find the people who ‘get’ player-centric design who live in the Austin area and who don’t already work at Arkane Austin?” :wink:

(I’m actually close enough that if I wasn’t presently well-employed, I’d be knocking on his door until the cops dragged me away. “Dream job” doesn’t really describe the opportunity to do this kind of creative work.)

I wouldn’t fret the new studio thing too much. I assume one of the terms of Warren joining OtherSide was that he wouldn’t have to move to Bahston. That means he needs a local support team, and a “studio” is as good a name for that as anything.

A more interesting question is what special competencies exist in the Austin area that can be brought to bear on a SS3. Given the experienced people there who’ve worked on numerous MMORPGs, my guess might be “large-scale narrative,” and possibly “systems infrastructure/architecture,” but those are just guesses. That’s not to say folks with those skills aren’t already working for OtherSide proper, or that an OtherSide Austin even needs to specialize in anything – it’s just fun to gently speculate on this stuff until facts emerge.

“Worry” is not a word I’d use here, in other words.

(Edit: Speaking of people for an Austin studio, maybe Raph Koster’s not busy and would enjoy a new challenge. :smiley: )


Maybe he should try to lure Jordan Thomas back to Austin.


Could always check with some of the old team. Mike McShaffry, Raph Koster, Sheri Graner Ray, Dr. Cat, Manda, etc. Lots of great folks still in the Austin area.


I suggest a merger with Arkane Studios. :wink:


Arkane was acquired by Zenimax in 2010. So, no. Just no.



I was making a funny.


Awesome! I’m excited with the minds on this and it’s not being tailored to the mainstream.


It seems to be gone now, but I could swear I saw a Facebook post from Warren a few days ago saying he’d started his first day at OtherSide.

So we’ll soon start seeing him commenting in this forum occasionally, right? :wink:


Will the spectre named Warren still haunt the abyss in Underworld Ascendant?

And will it talk this time?


I’ve thought about this…and thought that I should just take some of the Warren-isms he has said about games over the years…


Warren-ism ™


Warren’s “started working at OtherSide” announcement has mystically reappeared. :slight_smile:


I haven’t really been checking the SS3 so I don’t know if he’s posted here yet. But will Warren post and/or answer questions about SS3 here on the forum?


I’m glad that mister Spector joined the team. I can’t wait to see how marvelous your games will turn out be. I’m with OtherSide and will support you all the way.


Echo this.