We wanted Ultima Underworld Gameplay With Updated Graphics and Sound...


I don’t understand how you Devs can say you didn’t know what we, as Kickstarter backers, wanted. I was excited to back the original team. I put money into the development of this game believing that original Looking Glass developers were going to give us a good, updated Ultima Underworld with a fresh new story and not a bunch of buggy messiness. If you had questions on delivering that, why did you even start the Kickstarter? I mean…come on…

I feel completely robbed. https://routerlogin.uno/ Also, I never got any surveys in email on the direction of this thing. I trusted the original programmers to deliver like they did the first 2 times. I shouldn’t have to babysit the whole project as an investor. Guess I will have to from now on or just don’t invest.

Please fix this thing. I don’t care how long it takes. I uninstalled it until it becomes fantastic. Please help us not lose faith in this business model and old school gaming ported to 21st Century. (sigh)


What’s the point of posting this years…years…after the fact? Only a couple of people are gonna read this, and what are they supposed to do about it? You got better things to do than be an ant nibbling on a skin flake with prejudice.