What fan-mods would you like to see?


UWA didn’t hit the stretch goal to have a construction kit, and we all know there’s no money or dev time for that kinda thing at this point.

But let’s just pretend for a moment that we got an editor right after Patch 4, when all the code is settled down.

What new items, features, reskins, quests, and functionality changes would you most want to see fans working on? Sky’s the limit! Ability to play as different races? New weapons? Companions?

Here’s my want list, in approximate order of current priority:

  1. [Complete] Proof of Concept system: reverse compiling. This is the obvious necessary prerequisite to anything else.
  2. [Complete] Proof of Concept system: asset extraction.
  3. [Complete] Proof of Concept system: recompiling.
  4. [Complete] Proof of Concept system: debugging.
  5. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: hook existing public methods.
  6. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: physics.
  7. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: logging.
  8. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: UI (buttons, menus etc).
  9. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: user input.
  10. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: import a new asset.
  11. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: spawn a new asset.
  12. [Complete] Proof of Concept mod: shared libraries.
  13. [On hold] Mod to enable runtime inspection of the GameObject hierarchy. This will make modding vastly easier.
  14. [In progress] An in-joke, for UW2 modders and @Al_B in particular ;)
  15. [Discussing - see thread] Suggest community modding rules/guidelines; form consensus.
  16. [Discussing - see below] Library to simplify persistence for mod data (ie savegames and settings for mods).
  17. Library for computerized voices for non-voiced dialog in mods (with option for player to enable/disable in UI).
  18. Code review medals/badges.
  19. Proof of Concept mod: new remappable inputs.
  20. Proof of Concept mod: reskinning.
  21. Proof of Concept mod: re-meshing.
  22. Proof of Concept mod: modifying loot lists.
  23. Proof of Concept mod: modifying level data.
  24. Proof of Concept mod: adding new level.
  25. Documentation for mod users.
  26. Documentation for modders.
  27. RELEASE 1.0!
  28. [Researching] VR. Because it has to happen.
  29. Map annotations and marker icons.
  30. Co-op multiplayer?
  31. Library for dependency management [req by @Flatfingers ]
  32. New quests, goals and challenges [req by @TrenchKnife ]
  33. Cross-platform modding [req by @smpita ]
  34. A nude mod. Done right, could have options for more risque but not necessarily revealing outfits, romance quests, extra dialog options, etc. Done badly, would be awful or comical.
  35. Extra locations [req by @Flatfingers ]
  36. More trap types [req by @Flatfingers ]
  37. More creature types [req by @Flatfingers ]
  38. Dual wielding rocket launchers and rocket-jumping [req by @DawnrazorDCLXVI ]
  39. A fully-realized Spatula City [req by @jtr7 ]
  40. Gay lizardman romance [req by @Flatfingers :p]

The following items are probably best to hold off on until after final release.

  1. [After final Update] Unofficial fan bugfix mod. - We’ll only know after the final update what bugs remain. Until then, better to report any bugs we find, than try to patch them ourselves.
  2. [After final Update] Library for NPC dialog trees? - On their list of maybe-perhapses, so probably best to wait for that.
  3. [After final Update] Implement all missing runes and spells. - We’ll only know after the final update what is missing.
  4. [After final Update] Enrich the magic system [req by @Flatfingers ] - Best only to modify it once it’s fully finished.
  5. [After final Update] Recreate stuff from UW1&2 [req by @Flatfingers ] - Likely few new ones can be added, but best give them the chance to do what they’re allowed.
  6. [After final Update] Implement many/all cut skills, questlines, creatures, characters, and other content. There’s a lot. Possibly with fine-grained control over which you get to turn on and off through a UI, with presets like “none/recommended/all” or something. - We’ll only know after the final update what is missing.

Chances of me achieving even just item one the first few items to release 1.0 are minimal, but I intend to at least try, and have been working towards this for the last few weeks.


Actually, I think the first order of business would be to add more locations using existing assets. Oddly, that could actually play to the earlier design of UA: smaller areas, and more of them, for quicker play sessions.

After that, I suspect the “players help recreate their impressions of original Underworld features” project would take off: replicating places and objects that existed in the two UU games.

And you know some energetic soul will start a “give NPCs dialogue trees” project. :wink:

And there’s probably room for more ways that magic can affect the world and the things in it.

Finally, I’d actually like to see more creature types and trap types. These are more difficult than other mods because they have dynamic in-world effects. In particular, some living creatures will need things like walk cycles, animation, and active behaviors, and these need to be integrated with AI from pathfinding to tactical decision-making. Still, this would be a fertile field for player modding.


Ooh, those all sound fun!

And… dare I say… doable? ;)


I would like to see a port to OSX.


I definitely think we need a mod where the player wields dual rocket-launchers, and can rocket-jump. Also, gay romance options with the lizardmen.


@Flatfingers: Adding areas is kinda tricky, since we likely won’t have the “Kit pieces”, just the baked statics which might not be stored as separate items: we’d need to chop them up and make a kit from them, before putting them together. Plus, Unity crashes when importing a bunch of their resources when I export them. I’ve logged a bug with Unity, and they’ve reproduced it, so it might get fixed, but… :slight_smile: I know how fast dev goes, that’s not likely happening any time soon, I imagine, unless it’s a bug affecting a lot of people.

Adding objects should be a lot more doable :)

Getting any remaining runes working is fersure top of my list, as well as fleshing out the magic system with more discoverable and extrapolatable spells. Maybe add more verb meanings for existing spells?

Dialogue trees is probably number two of my personal list, though I lack the writing chops to fill the trees :( You never know what’ll make it into patch 4, anyway. Could be we’ll already have the infrastructure in there :)

Adding new monster and trap assets will be hard, but probably feasible. I’ve not done this outside of Bethesda’s stuff, but it seems feasible in theory.

@smpita: Given an OSX port is already planned by OSE, I doubt that;ll need much work from fans, other than bugfixes. Though I don’t think the Unity tools are very full-featured for anything other than PC.

@DawnrazorDCLXVI : well, if there’ll be modding, there’ll be nude and sex mods. It’s just the way things are. Honestly, I wouldn’t be half as interested in modding if that wasn’t how things were :D Sex is fun!

But romance… gay or straight, romance is hard. You need to add enough dialog, enough shared experiences, enough tension, that the player actually cares about the other character. It’s a very rare game that can manage it well, and I think few modders have that level of narrative skill. We’re mostly engineers, not great writers, sadly :(

Dual wielding rocket launchers and rocket-jumping seems a little redundant given magic and jump skills, but I guess it’s doable if there’s interest.


I hope you realize I was satirizing modern games. XD


Why not combine these? “Love in the Age of Dual-Wielding Rocket Launchers”


I understand that adding simple (non-interactive) objects is easier than building new areas. Maybe not coincidentally, new areas to explore would be more interesting. That is, I’d be more interested in more audacious fan-projects. That doesn’t mean I’d be unhappy to see someone import a new lore-friendly dining set; I’d just rather see what someone could do to build a whole new area, even if it takes longer to get that more complex mod.


@DawnrazorDCLXVI: Yeah, but it was funnier to play it straight ;)

@FlatFingers: Yeah, more complex stuff might be more fun, though I think adding some life into the existing areas would be nice to see as well as adding more areas.

For the moment at least, changing code is the easiest; changing existing resources (textures, meshes, strings, etc) looks like it might be almost as easy.

Changing maps, item placement, etc looks a fair bit harder, but looks like it might become possible with some work.

I don’t think at this point I’d say there’s anything impossible to mod. Only lots that I just don’t know how, at least not yet.

Once patch 4 is out, I hope to release a tutorial at least for modding the bits that I understand how to mod :) Not much point modding before P4, since everything might change.

Immediately after P4, I’ll also start a thread to try to get a list of all remaining bugs, so we can get to work on a bugfix mod. Might make a github to manage the bug list, so we can categorize them (item placement, text/translation error, etc).

One of the bigger challenges will be figuring out how to make non-conflicting mods that don’t need to be four gigs to download. I’m hoping the existing DLC infrastructure will help there, but haven’t looked into it.


Heh - whoever tries to nude-mod Aelita is going to have their work cut out. She’s been optimized properly, so all that’s left of her body is two shoulders, a hand, and half a face.

The cthonians, on the other hand… ;)


I will not be surprised if it turns out modders are up for this challenge…


I would (not) want to see a nude Cabirus mod…

…but on the other hand, replacing Cabirus’ model with Garrett? Or another Stephen Russell figure who may occasionally spout quips from their original game? Hilarious.

Speaking of which, I always find the fan-mod of the RE2 Remake changing Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine extremely funny.


It’s sort of an odd commentary on the times we live in, but it seems like nude mods have become the “Hello, world” of modding – the first thing you do just to prove the process.

Apparently you know you’ve achieved mastery when you switch out Skyrim’s dragons for Randy “Macho Man” Savage… :scream:


Having a dragon land dramatically in front of you just to bark out “HELL YE” is so wonderful!! Breaks immersion, but makes me feel a lot more excited to see dragons in general.


Mod = Modification and that’s != Mission building.

modifying seems so “simple”. I would like to be able to challenge myself with new tasks and goals.

give me a “mod” that complicates completion. let me choose to “eliminate all enemies” or “break every breakable”. better yet, let me use the existing level/world to layout my own quest by placing NPCs, enemies, traps, resources, loot, and whatever while also defining my objectives and winning conditions.

that to me is “Fan-Mods”.


I think, for me, the priorities are:

[Edit: moved up to the first post, and updated with status and blockers]

Chances of me achieving even just item 1 are minimal, but I intend to at least try, and have been working towards this for the last few weeks.


A fully-realized Spatula City. DO IT!


VR mod would be fascinating. I know we did some early VR tests but investors didn’t seem interested in it at the time, and we didn’t have enough VR-experience inhouse to work with it on our own. It seemed promising, from what Will told me.

A shame too; I could definitely see myself playing UA at home with VR. Would definitely follow progress on that.


Map marking and annotations. It’s something I miss from the Underworlds.

Handy for notes about locked doors, what the various world-changing things do, chest locations, etc etc.

Maybe options to auto-mark chests found, etc.

Also good for sharing maps with helpful notes. Though beware: items are at least somewhat randomly placed, so no two people will have the exact same placement.


Good point on map notations. These were mentioned earlier on in development. Not sure why they didn’t make the game. I was gonna add, in all seriousness, a co-op mode would be fun.