What games are you playing? September 2019


The forums have been quiet here for awhile as development on UA has slowed down, and I hope many of you have been enjoying your vacation(s) and picking up other games in the meanwhile. Would love to hear about what you’re all playing / interested in!

I’m interested in Control from what I’ve seen of it… has anyone here played it yet?

For what I’ve BEEN playing so far, my Fire Emblem Three Houses playthrough is on hold, and I’ve actually been a little more active in going to game dev meetups in Boston and playing local indie stuff.


I’m playing Diablo I, mostly. I have the Thief trilogy on standby at all times. I don’t buy new games anymore, and am not really much of a gamer. I play Diablo 1 because it’s mroe satisfying than Solitaire. Gosh, I’m cheery.

Hope OtherSide peeps are doing okay.


Boston OSE is trucking along as always. I’d say it’s a nice change of pace to work on something new and in pre-production, where the art is pretty and the possibilities are endless… I would talk about some of the games they’re playing in the office together as research, but that would be spoilers…?


It turns out some people in the office have never played some of the LGS games before, and we’re all encouraged to revisit them! I know I finally have to finish the first Thief game at some point…

Will’s been enjoying Subnautica from what I’ve seen, too!


Well, I’d hope you’d be able to invest yourself in them, rather than squeeze them in. It’s a paradigm shifter when it suddenly clicks with you. If they don’t, that wouldn’t be unexpected. Niche games filling a void most people don’t know is there, or care, really. Heh. Of course, as a fan, I’d love to see more fans of LGS’s games, especially this decade.


“Would love to hear about what you’re all playing / interested in!”

Pokemon card game online on PC, hearts on my phone, darts outside in a breeze, and metal detecting colonial era homes.


Well, I’d hope you’d be able to invest yourself in them, rather than squeeze them in. It’s a paradigm shifter when it suddenly clicks with you. If they don’t, that wouldn’t be unexpected. Niche games filling a void most people don’t know is there, or care, really. Heh. Of course, as a fan, I’d love to see more fans of LGS’s games, especially this decade.

I think some of my favorite game experiences have been ones where I had literally ZERO expectations and just picked a random game off a shelf at Gamestop. These included Etrian Odyssey (my first dungeon crawler!), Lux-Pain (a headache to read, but MAN the mechanics and atmosphere are still on my mind), and Devil Survivor 2. Once you grow attached to a world and get to explore it on your own time, it really starts to feel like home…

It’s true, I should stop trying to force myself to play Thief and just wait for the right time to come. Obviously a lot of people in the office and in my friend group have rave things to say about it, so I’m sure it’ll be fun when I explore it on my own time, but things are a bit too hectic for me right now.

That last one though… searching for anything in particular? :open_mouth:
I’ve also never touched the Pokemon TCG despite being a diehard Pokemon fan (I should have admittedly added Pokemon GO and Pokemon Masters to my list of “currently playing”…). Is the online version you’re playing officially from Pokemon, or its own unofficial community?


“That last one though… searching for anything in particular?”

Well, basically anything but preferably coins and jewelry with value. I wouldn’t pass up any neat artifacts like old bagdes or tools, or neat old nicknacks.

“Is the online version you’re playing officially from Pokemon, or its own unofficial community?”

official online TCG, and it’s spot on for “realism”: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/
from there you can download the PC game, play against real opponents. and just for the record, the game ain’t no boring texas holdem or checkers, but requires even more strategy and luck. enjoy.


I’ll never be in a better position to answer this question, so let’s do it.

I recently got Prey+Mooncrash, Doom 3+Expansion, and Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider. I played through the base game of Prey, which was great, and I’ve now started on Doom 3. I’m a little more tepid towards Doom 3, but it just got so much better as I found a chainsaw yesterday. Now I just run towards demons with it screaming SPACE MARINE!!!

Then of course there is UA which I hope to jump into soon now that it’s as done as it will be. There’s also Hitman 2016 which I’ve played most of but still haven’t played most of the bonus content. And I also feel that I’m going to want to play more Dark Mod soon.


I got “volunteered” to narrate a novel for Audible… which turned out to be 600 pages long. The recording and editing of that are pretty much eating all the time I have left after a full work day and family time.

Even so, I’ve managed to sneak in a mostly-finished first game of Stellaris (which gets impossibly grindy toward the end), a bit of Skyrim – say what you want about Bethesda; the fact that they support modding their games makes them awesome – and yet another quick dip into Portal 2. I’d love to restart Kingdom Come: Deliverance (to see if a restart will fix a CTD I started getting late in the game every time I visited a blacksmith) or replay The Witcher 3, but those are serious time sinks and I really need to finish this book first!

Buuuuut, whatever I do, I have to be able to finish it before Cyberpunk 2077 drops. :smiley:


Damn you guys are BUSY. @Flatfingers in particular, that’s… quite a project. D:

I too need to prepare for Cyberpunk 2077… so many games to play and so little to do.

@dinochow , my partner just finished their second playthrough of Prey and were thinking about getting Mooncrash! We’ve seen mixed reviews for it, so I’m not sure if they’ll end up playing it or not…

@TrenchKnife god, I don’t doubt it. Some of my friends were hardcore PokeTCG players and it was terrifying to watch. Some of those match-ups were really down to the wire… I’ll have to check out the site sometime!!


Yeah, busy sucks, but can be exciting. My whole team at work has been given very steep performance goals this quarter, and I’m on a PIP (“Performance Improvement Plan”) so I’ll lose my job if I fall short on any of the dozen goals. Stressy, but I’ve not been so interested in work in a long time, so it’s also refreshing.

So, trying to avoid taking on any external projects: I’m most likely putting off any modding UA until my PIP’s first target (Nov 1), to see if I can breathe easier.

To blow off steam when I get home, I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online with my wife. Hell of a game: I expected to run out of game when we got to the end of the main PvE storyline, but they’ve added so much in DLC that there’s about as much again beyond that, plus the multiplayer stuff we haven’t even scratched.

We’ll likely switch to Borderlands 3 soon, though.


I needed to take a break from Prey before jumping into Mooncrash, but I am incredibly excited to try it. I don’t usually care for rogue-likes or any kind of permadeath mechanic, but the idea of applying those mechanics to immersive sims very much intrigues me. I tend to save-scum a lot, but I don’t always like that I do, so hopefully Mooncrash can force me into some interesting moments where I need to improvise rather than just reload.


Starsector as i just discovered the game and am now deeply addicted to it and good old mount and blade warband. I’ve been playing a lot of the warhammer mod. Skaven for life baby!


Oooh I’ve never heard of Starsector, but it reminds me a little bit of Heat Signature, from what I see from the screenshots.

@dinochow Totally feel you on save-scumming… sometimes it stops me from having a fun, weird experience, but I think Mooncrash handles it well, from what I’ve heard! Hope you enjoy it. My partner just finished their third full playthrough of Prey and is now eying the DLC again…


I’ve been playing one new game out of my library per day. According to my calculations, I’ll have tried every game in my Steam library in about a year.

Out of all of them, the one I most want to get back to (besides Grimrock 2) is Operencia!

Also, I never finished Shadowrun: Dragonfall…


The Bards tale 4 barrows deep
It’s awesome!!!
The dungeons are really fun and immersive


Operencia is even better.

I am playing Bard’s Tale 4 now, and the game get’s frozen when I try to select certain party members, and slows down when I try to look around. Both of these are noted issues in the Director’s Cut.

Operencia is everything Bard’s Tale 4 should have been, and even better! Buy it when it comes to Steam.


Re playing Baldurs Gate Enhanced off STEAM right now.


I just bought Untitled Goose Game for Switch, and it’s actually a casual delight! Really happy with the subtle joys I can get from playing a mischievous goose.

@DawnrazorDCLXVI I think this is the first time I’m hearing about Operencia! Gameplay gifs on the Steam page look really nice… Were you able to play an early version or something?


I bought it on the Epic games store. I am considering buying a second copy on Steam, just so I can leave a review. I hope that convinces you. The puzzles are harder than the combat; this is not Etrian Odyssey. However, this pushes the envelope (technologically, and gameplay-wise) far more than Etrian Odyssey. I still love my 2D games, but this is the rebirth of the western dungeon crawl, and really feels to me like what Bard’s Tale 4 should have been with the technical know-how.