What's your "Best game for it's time, maybe ever"?


Interesting thread.

Best ever is tough. Which is better? Apples or oranges? Having said that, I could make a case for SS/SS2 or UU. But, for me, it was W8. It still holds up today. It is really the only blobber that got it right with free form movement/exploration but with turn based (the game calls it phased) combat. Combined with a semi-open world, party NPCs that are fun and have distinct personalities. It is complex but can be as tough or easy as you want.


Some heavy Googling later: W8 is probably Wizardry 8?
And apparently a blobber is a first person game where the party moves as a “blob”: your first person view represents the party; probably rpgcodex jargon. I learned a new thing!


I don’t know if “blobber” is rpgcodex jargon. I don’t go there. But ya, Wizardry 8.


I’ve recently been playing A LOT of Divinity Original Sin 2. Great game. I thought it was going to be too much combat micromanaging for me, but I found that I liked being able to slow down and think through my next set of moves. I wouldn’t yet say it’s on my best games of all times, but it’s still a great one in my opinion.
My favorites over the years: Thief 2, Deus Ex, early Ultima games, Action Quake 2 (I worked on the Quake 3 mod for it called Reaction Quake), and I guess I have to put World of Warcraft on there since I played too much of it.


RPGCodex term confirmed.


I was utterly shocked and astonished by how much I enjoyed Yakuza 0. It truly and honestly made its way into my “top 10 favorite games of all time” list, and that is an extraordinarily difficult feat given how glued my face is to a computer monitor.

The immersion was off the charts. The characterization is true and sincere. The music is heart-felt, dire, inspiring, and galvanizing. (I am dramatically under-exaggerating that, too.) The comedy is unexpected, and the boss fights will have you on the edge of your seat.

I picked it up for cheap in a Humble Bundle Monthly. I don’t think I will ever, ever forget this game.

… and yes, I am saying that as a person that read Dewi Morgan’s depictions of Ultima Underworld and nodded hard enough to have their neck sever from their skull and begin dancing enthusiastically on their keyboard. … ew.


I wanted to reply again, because I thought about towns in RPGs, and it reminded me of why I love Dark Souls so much. Minimal dialogue, no boring town trips to collect fed-ex quests. Just dangerous monsters, combat, puzzle-solving, and secrets–not to mention the level design. The core of an RPG experience. With a little more variety on how to solve problems, it would be up there with UW as one of my favorite games of all time, particularly with the games’ use of narrative symbolism.


What I find great about that is that it’s the exact opposite of what I look for in a RPG :D So in the UW2, my favorite places were Killorn Keep and the Castle.
I think it’s great how we all got different things from the same Underworld games, and somehow were all happy! :slight_smile:


I will always be a sucker for Talorus.

It was super-weird, but you could see there was a pattern behind the weird.


Oh, definitely one of my faves, too. I think this area was one of Dr Cat’s (he signed it on one of the scrolls!), as was the Black Rock White Rock game. His style of weird shows through well :D

Ingame, the areas (“traps”) that caused objects to be created when you triggered them were called “skup traps”, which I thought was a nice injoke.


I totally doofed up and forgot to mention traps. Lots of different traps.


I’ve play a lot of games through my time. They’ve been played in lots of different ways.

I spent hours at a gameroom, dumping my quarters into every thing from centipede to tempest.

I really enjoyed playing Mario World (play station, I think) with a group of people. we would pass the controller to next player when a character death occurred… made for good times.

I played most, if not all of ‘pool of radiance’, not long after the ultimas … that was good one, played each in a group setting.

X-Wing held my attention for a really long time. Xwing -vs- Tie Fighter was a supreme “space flight combat simulator”.

Circa 2001, Return to Castle wolfenstien opened up a whole can of multiplayer whoopass.

ah … the good times, all while I could have been conquering the world.


Every now and then I want to ask someone, “Were you skupped yesterday?”

And then I don’t, because who would understand?