When do Mac users get a build?


Just to link previous promises made on this subject:

Apparently you’re no longer going to embracing feedback from Linux or Mac users, not benefiting from all the bugs we would find.

It now appears that this was a straight up lie. I won’t be backing any future crowdfunding efforts from Otherside.


Please hang on, everybody. We are following up on this, but are juggling a few other issues as well.


Hi folks, we’re working on getting Mac and Linux builds of the Pre-Alpha version up and running. Will, our Lead Engineer, is going to be working on them himself. He’s off to Unite in Austin this week (you can see him on their live stream tomorrow) and will dig back in when he’s back. Thanks for your patience.

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Good news. Glad to see integrity is not a lost concept.


Thank you, Walter (and Will).

I’m not a Mac/Linux user, but it’s pretty clear that pre-release support for them was offered. Delivering on that seems like the right thing to do.


Also glad to hear. First of all, I finally had a few minutes to sit down and check out the pre-alpha build and, whoops, MacOS doesn’t like to launch .exe files. Secondly, putting off the ports to the end generally means that we get the leftover scraps of the QA budget and a sketchy final result.


The last time I owned a Mac was when they had a floppy drive and tiny little black and white screen built-in. I remember playing UW1 on a 486 PC and using the Mac for Word processing, spreadsheets and Pascal development. So I won’t be able to test the Mac version (unless you plan on supporting my old Mac Classic :wink: ) but I do clearly remember that OtherSide promised Mac and Linux versions of development builds, so I’m glad you are making good on your original promise.

I do use Linux a fair bit (on a PC) so am happy to test the Linux version. Does Unity perform equally well on Linux (compared to Windows) on the same hardware? Is it mainly graphics drivers on Linux holding performance back? I use AMD cards but am due an upgrade so could potentially switch to Nvidia. I’ve read mixed reviews about whether AMD or NVidia are better on Linux (I guess it’s a constantly changing target). I ask because I had to drop the UA graphics quality a fair bit before it would run smoothly (on my Windows gaming PC) and was wondering if it’s likely to be worse when I reboot that same PC into Linux.

So far I’ve only played UA on my gaming PC and on my laptop (both running Windows), but looking great so far.


Thanks for the offer to help test the Linux build, we’ll probably take you up on that.

I dug out my old Steam Box from home, brought it in and updated it to the latest SteamOS (even found an old steam controller, lol). It’s pretty min spec so is not a bad test machine. Will is cranking away so fingers crossed we’ll have something soon.


Nvidia have the most consistent performance and support, and have done for several years. AMD are towards the end of transitioning their driver to open source which has meant years of issues but is starting to pay off in a big way in terms of performance and integration with the rest of the Linux ecosystem.


I’ll be testing with an Intel CPU integrated graphics . . .

We’re still working on these builds folks, just wanted to let you know. Some travel, illness and a milestone deliverable slowed us down. But we have a build machine and test machines ready to go. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

My favorite thing right now is the audio “tells” Chris put in for the AI so we know what they are in theory doing in the moment and can test accordingly. It comes across pretty goofy in game when you hear something like “I am surprised.” I’m hoping we can take some quick video and share since this is not the stuff that will make it into the final game.


Thanks for this update. I appreciate these efforts to support the Mac and Linux users.

Yes, please! This sounds like perfect material for a “making-of” video. :smiley:


This speaks to one of my biggest worries. Thank you for attempting to develop against the underwhelming graphics chipsets. I will be so happy if I can play on my laptop!

Would you mind sharing the model/specs for your test machines? I’ll may need to budget for a newer computer as my MBP rocks an Intel HD 4000 and Nvidia GT 650M.


These are the specs for the Steambox–I think I got it in 2014:

Gigabyte Brix Pro Steam Box - GB-BXi7-4770R - https://www.gigabyte.com/Mini-PcBarebone/GB-BXi7-4770R-rev-10#ov

Intel Core i7 – 4770R
Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200
8GB Ram (2 slots) – SO-DIMM DDR3L (1.35V 1333 / 1600 MHz) up to 16GB
1 TB Hybrid SSD (1 slot)
Wifi & Gigabit Lan
HDMI and Mini Display Port (supports Dual Displays) w/ 4k output
4x USB 3.0
Headphone Jack w/ S/PDIF


I never used Unity engine, but I though for simply scripted games within its environment the mac/linux builds are one click away, just like the win builds.

So if takes that much effort just to try to build it, you are already using some kind of more complex setup, beyond simple scripts of Unity (no real surprise, quite opposite, it’s hard to believe some generic engine is mature enough to be able to script a game of Ascendant kind).

Still makes me curious what’s blocking you, pure portable C++ should not (the C++ OSS compilers are generally better that MSCC now, so I would even recommend to try them for win builds), C# is beyond my experience, but looks like Mono is quite usable for many games (but definitely needs testing during development, to not use some windows-only C# solution).

The graphics API and stuff is still major pain with all the different distros and subsystems, but you should be shielded from that by Unity.

Well… in case you are hitting problem already with something I mentioned, maybe try to somewhat describe it, there are probably users (including me) with some SW development background, capable to give some advice here and there. Although these things tend to be quite specific and stubborn. :slight_smile:

But I’m afraid you are already entangled in some other non-standard stuff…


Thanks for the update. Waiting patiently.


I’m curious if there is an update that can be shared? It is several months along now, and over a month since we’ve last heard anything from Otherwise regarding the Mac / Linux builds.


According to notebookcheck.com, the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 reaches a GPU Performance @1280x720 of 1923 points (median value) in 3DMark 11.

No luck for me there, both my Mac mini and my older Laptop have a Radeon HD 6630M which reaches only 877 points at the same benchmark. That’s not even half (its exactly 45.6%). It explains why the prototype was barely playable and the pre-alpha is not playable at all.

You will not want to play this with the IGP Intel HD Graphics 4000: 523 points. But the dedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M is probably okay: 2111.5 points (comparison with the Iris Pro 5200: 109.8%).


Hey all,

Just confirming that Walter’s last post still holds true. We were close to being able to send out pre-alpha builds for Mac and Linux right before Thanksgiving, but our Lead Engineer Will is very sick right now, so he hasn’t been able to finish it off. We’ll post more updates as things move along!


Thanks! And I just wanted to report that I get an “Install” button for the pre-alpha in Steam on Linux, even though this obviously doesn’t work. Installation takes only a second (as it doesn’t install anything), thereafter I get the “Play” button. Clicking Play leads to this error message:

[tt]An error occurred while updating Underwold Ascendant Pre-Alpha Build (missing executable):
/home/…/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Unterworld Ascendant Betas/UA.exe
See the Steam support site for more information

It has been like this for several months now, but I think it wasn’t the case when I first tried it on Linux, so the glitch must have happened somewhere after the initial release on Steam…
Or it is just my setup. (Debian testing amd64 on a Mac mini 2011.)


It’s true that unity basically has a checkbox, but yea, our extra stuff is what makes things difficult (external dlls, packages we didn’t write, etc). Even building can sometimes produce errors that make no sense (Last week I was just having my home machine do builds to get the errors, but my home machine is pretty slow). Another one of the issues is that the game is pretty big so it takes a while to build, and switching platforms can take a long time too (which is why I’m just having my home machine watch all the loading bars)

This week I’m continuing with the linux builds to try and sift through the errors. Typically the mac build will share the same issues with the linux build, so once I get the linux build working the mac one will likely be pretty quick.

Once I get a build things should sail much smoother, I should be able to upload one for you guys to try out.

How well the game runs on the same machine from windows/linux/mac will be interesting to see. The biggest difference will be openGL vs directx12. Dx12 has some major performance boosts over dx11, for example. Maybe further down the road we could also experiment with Vulcan (it’s multi-platform and supposedly much faster than openGL).

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