When do Mac users get a build?


No worries, get well soon!


As long as you enable Vulkan rendering as an option when doing the build we should be able turn it on and off with command line flags (-force-vulkan and -force-glcore).


So… it’s been something like a month and a half since the last macOS/Linux update came around. Has this stalled out?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFe3pk4Mdlo According to this PAX advert, they plan to be done making the game this year. http://cl.ly/0T242R0h1u0A
So it should be any day now, right guys? Guys??


Any day now is pretty close to the truth; Will’s been bug fixing the Mac and Linux ports on the side while doing major development milestones. I know it’s been awhile, but once we nail down how to properly build for all three at the same time, all of the backer-builds should be sent out simultaneously after this.


So what you are saying then is that Mac/Linux will start their beta test when the PC version releases. Or are you expecting a flawless port?


No, no, definitely not that staggered!

Like I said, we plan to release all of the builds at the same time after this. It’s just a matter of hammering out the code that doesn’t transfer over to Mac/Linux and then making sure whenever we make a build that it works for all three platforms. Windows builds will be held until Mac and Linux ports are also ready!


What!? As a Windows gamer, I protest this unconscionable delay! Outrage! Rawwwr!!

No, not really. Not even poking fun at my Mac/Linux-using friends; it just seems like everybody’s mad about something these days and I wouldn’t want to miss out on that fun. :smiley:

Glad to hear support for all three promised platforms is being synced up!



holds breath again


So, I also wait for the Linux build! I finally have my new Linux PC together and running Gentoo Linux, which wasn’t as easy as I had expected. But it’s done now. Specs: ASUS PRIME X370-PRO mainboard, AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU, 32 GB RAM, ASUS Strix Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics… I have to say that I’m impressed with the gaming performance I get both on Windows 10 (I also have Windows 7 installed) and on Gentoo Linux (I currently run Linux kernel 4.15.x, amdgpu and MESA 18.0 RC4).


Man, I hope you didn’t really hold your breath. Seems more and more like we got robbed by false claims of platform support.


As of 2 days ago, I am now in charge of the Mac and Linux builds for pre-alpha and making sure the pipeline for the Alpha builds works.

So I can now confidently say that the builds have been MADE, but we want to undergo 1 or 2 rounds of testing to make sure it’s not too buggy. We’re so close! SO CLOSE!

If anyone is wondering, the reason this takes so long is because our 2 dedicated engineers would need to take time out of their schedules to check on the builds and essentially do bug testing along the way, which distracts them from hooking up some new systems we’ve been working on. I can give more informed updates now that I’ll be working on it, so hopefully I’ll have more to share soon.

…also, keep breathing! The alpha builds will be out not long after the pre-alpha for Mac and Linux…


Glad that it sounds like you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one!

Just wondering what kind of dev/build/test setup you’ve got going on - are you using a continuous integration approach? Are you using coded unit tests where possible? How much automation can you put into testing on this kind of project? Some of the commentary on here to date make it sound like there is a fair amount of manual labour involved in your build and test processes?


The short answer is we just make a new branch for a big milestone build (for the backers, publishers, press, etc) and then continue working on the main branch.

The long answer builds off of the short answer.
So, let’s take the pre-alpha for example. When we first pushed it in August, that was the most updated build we had at the time, with some levels “turned off”. That was the best we had for our graphics, assets, and systems. As we return to developing on the main branch, bugs from the pre-alpha are brought to our attention, so we start to patch those in our main branch.

The real problems arise when we port over to Mac/Linux, which is very particular about the ways certain things should run. When errors pop up in the compiler as we build for that platform, a lot of those bugs have already been fixed in the main branch. Unity KNOWS there’s a potentially game-breaking bug, so it stops the build process until we address it. That means an engineer has to be constantly cross-referencing whether the bug noted in the Mac/Linux version has already been fixed, and if so, address the problem in the pre-alpha so that the build can continue.

If we run into an error in the Mac and Linux builds that was NOT done in the main dev branch, then we can fix the problem in BOTH so that when build the next backer build (Alpha), it should be almost immediately Mac and Linux compatible. (Give or take some general bug fixes).

(Speaking of which, whenever QA tests the newest build, we try to make a separate build every week just to isolate a specific feature/area/skillset.)

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Very glad to hear that the Linux build is near!
My gaming machine is ready. I just wonder how you will distribute it… will it be available through the existing Steam key (pre-alpha) or will there be an extra key for the new builds?


We’ll probably have to generate new Steam keys and set up a new list on BackerKit so that any Mac and Linux users will receive a key from the correct list.

Speaking of which, I have an update!

So the good news is that we’re able to make a Mac and Linux build! The bad news is that there’s some startup issues due to using an older Unity version with some bugs we have to hammer out, and there’s no audio in the build because our wwise license expired. (We were using wwise, an external audio system, back in August to handle our audio for the Windows pre-alpha build, but now that we’re building after the expiration, there’s no sound…)

So we’re in an interesting position. Alpha should be finished within the next 2 months or so, and it may take us 1 month or longer to make the pre-alpha for Mac and Linux playable. (We’re in the middle/close to end of an important milestone in the office, so we can’t focus too many resources on the Mac and Linux builds, even with my eyes on it.) This part of porting takes the longest because Unity thinks the game can “run,” but when we open the build on an actual Mac/Linux, we see a lot of minor compiling bugs that take away from the experience. (Long periods of black screen, non-animated assets, etc).

I really appreciate everyone’s patience as we work this out. At some point, we may be open to asking some of you to act as “external testers” to make sure the Mac and Linux builds are running, if at all. We only have one artist outside of the office who owns a Mac, and one friend-of-the-office who owns a Linux, so testing opportunities have been tough to coordinate.

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You can run Linux off a USB stick without impacting the existing Windows install (for example Ubuntu).


Wait, am I understanding you correctly that Underworld Ascendant for Windows, Linux, and Mac are 3 separate code bases? That’s not how you use Unity. Please get someone familiar with multi-platform implementations of Unity to help you clean up and configure your environment. Trying to maintain 3 code bases is a waste of labor and will negatively effect all 3 products quality.

Also, this may be helpful. https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Basics-Tagging

LAUNCH DAY INFO! (Will Update)

Personally, I prefer to ask, “Hey, what were your reasons for doing it that way?” before I assume incompetence on someone else’s part, but I’m funny that way.


Yeah I suspect sluangkhot is referring to the fact that they are building the old pre-alpha branch on Mac/Linux, which features bugs that are now fixed in the latest build, rather than them having 3 wholly separate code bases for each platform.