When do Mac users get a build?


I don’t see much value in backporting the pre-alpha and would rather see that work be applied to forward progress.


To clarify: Apply the work toward making current/future work OS independent.


On the one hand you made the promise to support Mac and Linux early on during the Kickstarter campaign. On the other hand you clearly said that the Pre-Alpha is Windows-only due to development resources (being a small group of developers and such…).

I would appreciate a Pre-Alpha, but I already played it on Windows, so… But I would love an Alpha (and all other pre-release versions you push out to us backers of appropriate Kickstarter tiers) on Mac and Linux!

Naturally I can only speak for myself, so I think you should make a poll about that.
And yes, if it seems easy enough to put effort in backporting Mac and Linux versions of the Pre-Alpha, go ahead. If not… first poll the backers and then decide.

On Backerkit we were asked which boxed version we wanted. I selected the Linux version. So I think you should specifically target those who selected Mac and Linux there. (How many backers did that anyway?)

And as a small remark on my behalf as a multiplatform user (1st Linux, 2nd&3rd Mac & Windows) I would like to suggest you publish a multiplatform DVD of UA as a KS reward for all backers who will receive a phyiscal copy. It would be just great to see Windows, macOS and Linux binaries of the game on one media that share the artwork. Can Unity do that? I would assume it can.


Just curious how things are going on the builds?

Also, anyone else remember Duke Nukem Forever?


For anyone wondering how many Mac and Linux users we’re expecting, here are the numbers we have for the boxed editions:

Regular Boxed Edition
Windows: 460
Mac: 37
Linux: 11

Collector’s Boxed Edition:
Windows: 1,033
Mac: 58
Linux: 41

Well, that’s not so bad. Mac+Linux combined make up a little less than 10% of the people we can expect to play our game. That’s about 1 in 10 players! Of those who have Alpha access, the % is a little closer to 5%, and of those who have Beta, the number goes back up to a little under 10%.

We’re still doing some back and forth testing to make sure our current version of the Alpha build will fix all of the issues experienced in the pre-alpha Mac and Linux ports. Those ports are still a little wonky (no audio, occasional black screens for a few seconds, etc) so we want to make sure those are addressed.

We’re wrapping up a huge milestone TODAY, thus the quiet on all fronts. We’re also preparing a small demo for PAX East which will include an area that you’ll see in the Alpha build. Walter talked about that here in this thread, if you missed it!


Wow! Thanks for the numbers! In totals:
Windows: 1,493 (91%), 95 Mac (6%), 52 Linux (3%)

Interestingly 69% of the Windows gamers selected the Collector’s Edition while only 61% of the Mac users chose the Collector’s over the regular Boxed Edition.

To no surpise 79% (78.84% to be precise) of the Linux gamers went for the Collector’s Box… 8)

Yes, almost 1 out of 10 will possibly play UA on a Mac or on Linux. My hope is that even more will go for a Linux version once it’s out for sale. Since SteamOS is Linux this could work well. I’m not sure about the Mac version. Which Mac is capable of running the game? Most Mac users have MacBooks or cheaper iMacs that don’t perform too well for 3D gaming… The new top of the shelf iMac sounds interesting (AMD Radeon Vega RX!) but it is very, very, very, very expensive…

BTW I ran Linux on my Mac mini, but not for gaming. Even thou hardware-wise a Mac, for the statistics I’m clearly in the Linux column…


We’ve actually been sending UA Mac builds to be tested on a Macbook as well as a… desktop Mac? (I’m less familiar with Mac terminology, but hopefully you understand what I mean). Obviously we want to try and optimize the player experience for as many people as possible without sacrificing quality :slight_smile:

I’ll have to bug our team about seeing how the Linux pre-alpha version fares. I know we had a dedicated tester around the office somewhere… (it’s currently the Mac version that’s giving us the most trouble)


Thanks. I’d like to say that I can’t wait to play any Linux build you through at me, but I’d rather go with “Take your time…” (Quality and such…)

Sam, thanks for your continued presence here in the forum. It’s highly appreciated.


Of course! I’ll update this thread again when I have more to share, which will most likely be after this week since we’re all focused on a PAX East demo right now.


So has a decision been made? I now you’re busy and I don’t mind waiting for an actual Linux build to be available, but I do like to see regular communication.


Thanks for the reminder Winter!

We’re aligning with our publisher to make sure we’re clear on the messaging and have full approval on all fronts about the timing and distribution for Mac and Linux access for non-backers, which is related in some ways to the Backer pre-alpha and Alpha access.

At this point, and given all of your feedback about the situation, it seems that it would be easier for us to give Mac and Linux backers who bought prototype/pre-alpha access to a Backer Alpha build. Going forward, the Backer Beta would be much easier because the pipeline will have been officially sorted out.


Have you been able to get the approval you were seeking? Can you share a glimpse of the timeline you are attempting? 8 months have elapsed since I first asked when other OSes could expect a build. As of this posting, we don’t even have an estimated timeline.


Hey everyone (and thanks to smpita for reminding me to post this)!

We recently confirmed that we / 505 WILL be selling Linux and Mac versions of the game. We’re not ready to commit that they will be available the same day as the PC version, and it’s likely they will come a short time after that to provide more time for testing and QA.

We’re aiming to release the next Backer Alpha around E3, and then the Beta build either a month or two after that. We’re close to announcing a date for UA’s official release date, so we’ll be planning to release Mac and Linux QA-proofed versions within a month or two of that time frame. (Could be earlier or later, depending on how much we manage to nail down now.)

Hopefully this helps and we’ll do a better job communicating in the future. I should make a note to check this thread every week or so…


It’s almost funny how many times we’ve heard this exact set of promises that turned out to be unfulfilled. It’s almost like I made a bad gamble with my social investment dollars. When I have something like Battletech from Harebrained Schemes to compare/contrast too, it’s hard not to feel taken on this whole thing.

After getting this type of promise for the last eight months, I doubt anyone is holding their breath at a professional management of this issue. This promise has been broken in this thread repeatedly. It’s always great when life surprises you with unexpectedly positive results, but the stats on this don’t leave much room for optimism.

I keep staring at these pieces of the original Kickstarter, remembering when this project seemed like the best thing on Earth. It’s funny how much negative juice can come from broken promises and poorly managed communications.

And for the production build:


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not sure my interpretation of your words are correct. Can you clarify some of your comment?

This is about a month from now. You mean the Windows build, right?

And the Beta for Windows two to three months from now.

Great! But this is still Windows, right?

Ok, here we are. Other OSes are within a month or two of that time frame. Which timeframe? Each timeframe?

The way I read that is like this:
Alpha: Windows in 1 month. Others in 2-3 months.
Beta: Windows in 2-3 months. Others on 3-4 months.
Final: Windows is TBA (let’s pretend 9 months). Others are TBA + 1-2 months (e.g. 10-11 months).

Is this interpretation correct?


Backer Alpha build should be available next month for at least Windows, yes. We’re close to having the Mac and Linux pipeline down, but it had to be put on hold to make sure the Windows version was finished first before we look back at porting.

Your timelines look correct to me.

I know it’s been a long and hard journey, especially for our Mac and Linux users who are still hoping for access. I’d like to clarify some of the points that Leezilla’s post brings up:

The Kickstarter update Leezilla posted from Feb 2015 is one of the few updates that still holds true; it DOES take a month/2 months to make sure the Mac and Linux versions are fully QA’d before we’d feel comfortable selling it to the public as a final version.

Backer Mac and Linux FINAL versions were originally going to be released at the same time as Windows, as the FAQ mentioned, but they were going to be rougher.

Now that we have assured funding and support from 505 Games to sell the Mac and Linux versions, this means we’ll have more time to address those builds and make sure they’re cleaned up for backers AND people buying the game for Mac and Linux. Backers will get a more polished build, and non-backers will be able to buy and play a Mac and Linux version of Underworld Ascendant.


Are there any mac or linux users for whom the alpha works?


I’ve seen around the forums a couple of Mac and Linux users have been able to run the Backer Alpha. For the Mac users running into that nasty Metal shader bug that stops you from loading the game, we’re looking into that this week!


Anyone with first hand account of alpha working on OSX or linux?


Crashing on my 2017 MacBook Pro 15" with 2.9ghz/16gb/Radeon Pro 560 4gb, gives the shader error.