When do Mac users get a build?


Déjà vu. Didn’t we do this with the pre-alpha? I think OSE may be confusing the desire to play a particular build with the desire to play when a build is released. Once the beta is released, nobody is going to want to play some retroactively patched alpha. I’m insulted that map optimization is prioritized over basic operation.

Since we’ve come full circle, what is the plan on releasing the first playable OSX build? Is there even a current timeline for this back-burner feature?


HA! Yeah, I guess that’s sort of the priority being given. Mac/Linux is now a “feature” instead of a “supported platform”


July 2019 and the macOS port is bottom of the priority list.


Just realized it would have made more sense to update this thread instead, thanks for the bump.
Clarifying what I wrote in our other threads:

As I’ve mentioned before, the Mac and Linux ports are being handled by an external contractor and progress is still running as scheduled. They have to match our PC hotfix changes and are still primarily tackling some shader and loading issues. Note that PS4 and Xbox One hotfixes will be released first.

As we get closer to a Mac and Linux release, we will contact our Mac and Linux playtesters if they are still interested in reviewing the build. I will be following up with upper management today to review the timeline.


Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, even if it was to confirm that, regardless of who’s handling them, the Linux and macOS ports are bottom of the pile.