When do Mac users get a build?


My application should still be on file. I am still willing to help test your OSX distribution.


Thank you smpita. And thank you also for helping many people in the forums recently, much appreciated.


Just a reminder: 30 days from launch is this Saturday, 45 days is the Sunday after Xmas. Want to give us an update?



To Wintermute_of_CoF’s point, a new estimated time would be helpful. As it stands, the basis for our expectation has gone back to “No game for you because IFDEFs are hard and we’re making Windows our priority. You’ll get it later. Eventually. Probably after Windows is fixed…”


You just answered your own question! :smiley:


Sadly it’s a widespread problem. Every Kickstarter I can recall (of course, the bad memories are more likely to stick in the mind) that’s not managed to do a simultaneous cross-platform release and said “We’ll work on the Linux version after we’ve released the Windows version” has actually spent most of the time immediately after release working on the Windows version instead. My only option is to stop backing Kickstarters.


Not really. I have data on the amount of Windows issues they want to resolve before addressing the lack of alternate OS game. If they’re waiting to fix all of the “Windows problems”, they might as well refund every OSX and Linux person today because that’s not happening anytime soon.

I understand the mess they’re in with the save system. They’re likely having to rewrite large swaths of the infrastructure and want to stay focused on that undertaking. They should have an idea of how much is left in their pile of tasks and when goals will become priorities for them.


We’re actually still building Mac/Linux builds with our Windows builds to keep them up to date with game changes. But they do require more work to get them in shape to formally release. I’ve asked the engineers (Will and Matt) if we can put them up on a test branch for you guys, if you’re so inclined. The latest estimate I got from the team for final versions is End of Feb / Early March, probably 3-4 weeks after we get Update 2 out. We’re actually talking with some external firms to help us do it in parallel and see if we can pull those dates in.

UA Dev Roadmap

Great! That will help keep the platforms 1:1.

I’m inclined to help test. I submitted a playtester application around the time of the OSX beta release, once a viable OSX client was demonstrated. I’ve stated my interest in helping beta test a few times on the forum. What else can I do? Should I submit additional playtester applications?


Smpita, if you could email us directly at support@otherside-e.com and sign up for Linux playtesting that would be great! Just specify your forum username and your preferred platform, as well as your specs.

Once we get Mac and Linux testing up at the same time, we can reach out to our external playtesters all at once with playtest instructions.


I sent the email as you suggested about an hour and a half after this post. I have not received any reply. Does this mean my application was rejected? Could it still be queued for processing after 10 days, perhaps because of the holiday season?


Hi smpita,

Just confirming that we received and logged your email! We apologize for not reaching out sooner. The office has been closed for the holidays. Once we sync up internally about our build timing, we’ll be able to reach out about Mac and Linux testing soon.


Glad to hear!

I’ve emailed too - can test on both mac and Linux.


Thank you.


Do we have any news? There was no Jan 28 or Feb 4 weekly update. Is update 2 getting close? How far off is the OSX play test build? When do you plan to release a first OSX production build?


Update 2 is very close–tomorrow if we can tackle the last couple of important bug fixes.

Sorry for some of the lack of posts on the forums. Sam and I have been out of the office for business and vacations so we’ve been less active. And the team has been focused on wrapping up Update 2.


How’s it going with this?


Thanks for the bump!

In another weekly update thread, we confirmed that we’re aiming to get the Mac and Linux builds out in time with Update 4. They’re currently being ported by an external company so our core team can focus on the core Update 4 experience. This is estimated for the end of this month / early May, but may come later depending on how fast they can work with us.

A couple of people have asked about why we can’t check off Mac and Linux while building from Unity, since Unity has an option to export. It takes bug-fixing and core game experience hours away from our Lead Engineer to build for Mac and Linux and then test them. We don’t have any in-house dedicated Mac and Linux at the moment, and it seems that the biggest issues tend to be shaders not porting over correctly. In order to alleviate pressure on Will, we’re hiring out an external Mac and Linux porter so those issues can be worked out at the same time as us working on the game.


It was planned for “Shortly after release” then “With Update 2” then “With Update 3” and now “With Update 4”.

Next it will be planned for after update 5, and then after update 6. Face it, we’re not getting an OSX build anytime soon. The shaders have been “the issue” for literal years now.

I feel that OSE owes each and every OSX pre-release license holder a partial or full refund, and that whoever made the decision for Windows first development (in direct conflict of the Kickstarter campaign promise) owes OSE for the damages of that decision.