When do Mac users get a build?


I don’t remember that.


See the second question from the bottom:

And also the first page of my original thread by this same title:


You can also treat it the other way around, whoever added that to KS campaign owes OSE in damages… ;) :D …

Whatever, they are clearly still using windows everywhere, and behave like that, classic windows developers. (I’m not even making fun of OSE, that would be like 2010 thing, nowadays I feel just pity for windows users … this is just like mere stating of obvious fact)

IMO now we can just wait for the post-port, hopefully the external guys will get it sorted well and also help OSE to avoid the most costly mistakes in the win branch.


I don’t have any issue (or choice) in waiting. My problem is that I was sold early access for my platform. Access is still not available, 6 months post release. Portable code is not impossible to write, people do it all of the time.

I warned them years ago about coding themselves into a corner with Windows First development when they missed their first promised milestone. This bed was chosen at the expense of their users in an attempt save money. It’s hard to feel sympathy for their resulting situation.

Edit: Adding their post regarding this choice