When will the Kickstarter be?


Just wondering if I have missed this info and when can we expect the launch of the Kickstarter? Thanks.


They are currently workings on Underworld, so it will likely be a while yet. My guess is mid-2017.


Unless they have enough staff to be able to do 2 projects simultaneously. I’ve seen moderately sized studios pull that off (eg Harebrained schemes).


Their team is seven strong. Not enough for two games.


I think that a Kickstarter campaign will start this year… :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope they’ll only launch a kickstarter once they actually need the money for it… Crowdfunding is being abused way too often lately. If you can get such amount of money so easily in a matter of weeks, it’s quite easy to spend it all unwisely aswell. With great power comes great responsibility :wink:


It sure seems like a lot of money, but game development is crazy expensive, and nearly all of it goes into just paying the salaries, so there’s not much you can do to save costs. Not to mention that most people in game development probably have a skillset that is in a relatively high demand in other places, so you’re kind of competing with all the tech/design/media companies as well. You can bet that most of the Kickstarter projects have either other ways of getting more money or multiple people making huge sacrifices to complete it.


Lets say… 30 people at 30k/yr salary (that’s like really low level salary). That’s… close to what like 2.5k per month per employee. Keep in mind, most skilled workers don’t get paid at low level salaries.

That’s 75k/mo just for salaries, not to include cost of rent/electricity/tooling/training/benefits/pr/taxes/permits/etc.

75k/mo * 12 months = 900k/yr. Take torment timeline for example, 900k/yr * 3 years = 2700k. That’s also not including the above that was discounted earlier.

It costs money to make things, a lot of it.


Money + Time. Thank God engines are for borrow these days.


I wonder what the Stretch Goals will be.

Maybe bonus minigames for The GamePig Advance. ;D


SHODAN clears drive C:/ while you play.


More like Shodan does your taxes while you play and gets you a big fat refund.


While I am not a fan of Crowd-Funding, if they don’t have enough funds after developing/launching Underworld their only real option at that point would be Crowd-Funding it. Although since Night Dive is publishing the game for them maybe they’ll fund the development for System Shock 3 and we won’t have to worry about Crowd-Funding at all.


I am thinking it won’t be crowd funded. Based upon the relatively small UA KS and Warren S.'s new digs in Austin, there seems to be another source of funds that hasn’t been disclosed.


A project can have multiple sources of funding.


Indeed it can, which I think is the case for SS3. I mean compare it’s announcement to Underworlds. Underworld was announced as a kickstarter, whereas SS3 was announced pretty normally. I mean yeah the game is far off but I think it’s gonna be self funded without the need of Kickstarter. Mainly because of now Spector being involved and also because Night Dive is publishing the game. I mean I could totally be wrong in the end and whatnot but, I just don’t see it being crowd funded at the moment.


With the Starbreeze deal, does anybody still see a kickstarter campaign happen? :-\ Frankly I’ve been looking forward to this since day 1.


Right. And I assume Warren is hiring some people in Austin.

What I wonder is how many he can pick off from Arkane. :smiley:


No Kickstarter or FIG campaign after the Starbreeze deal.
I’m waiting for the day 1 and I really hope that they will release a Collector’s Edition. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d still love to contribute to SS3 in some way, just to get the satisfaction of having supported something I’m more than excited about.

And I realized that I need a signed copy of the game. I really do.