When will the Kickstarter be?


I don’t think we have any crowdfunding plans for SS3, but of course if we DO, all of you will know about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It may sound cheesy, but one of the best ways to support your favorite indies is to talk about it! Even if you can’t come to our in-person events or even if you can’t buy the game on day 1, retweeting our posts and bringing up our game to other people goes a long way. In August last year, I barely knew SS3 was in the works, and it was only because there was NightDive hype around the remastered SS1 that I stumbled upon rumors of SS3 here at OtherSide.

Wouldn’t be surprised if there were limited run signed editions of SS3, but of course that’s much further down the line!


You can say goodbye to System Shock Remake, probably.
About System Shock 3, even if you don’t planned a crowdfunding campaign, I hope to see a nice collector’s edition. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this depends on how NightDive define “remake.”

Even if (and I don’t know this one way or the other) NightDive has blown through all their Kickstarter money already, my guess is that there’s enough in the bank from their rescued game sales to fund a remaster project.

If they still want to do a reboot, with lots of enhancements and new features… that I don’t know about. It seems expensive.

It sounded to me like reverting to doing a (relatively) simpler remaster of System Shock is what Stephen Kick proposed in his surprise Kickstarter update. But we’ll have to see what he says when they publicly end their project hiatus.

I know at least one person I’ll bet I could get to back a SS3 Kickstarter if nice physical rewards are offered. :smiley:


They would need a major publisher for a real modern reboot with all the bells and whistles. And it seems that most investors consider it to be too risky and unlikely to make enough money for it to be worth it. You can still do a lot with a small core team, though.

As for SS3, unless the extra funds are really needed, I think a Kickstarter for SS3 would add a lot of unnecessary risk. There are a lot of demands and expectations for Kickstarters that a developer might well regret promising later on. I’ve been reading Blood, Sweat, and Pixels recently and it seems that fulfilling some of these promises (made when there was only a barebones idea of what the game would be like) can absolutely choke a project. The freedom to scrap things that aren’t working or aren’t a good fit for the game can be priceless.

And that’s not even to mention the optics of starting a second Kickstarter without finishing the first one.


I’ll leave the Nightdive SS remake discussion alone, since we already have another thread for that, so I’ll touch on the Kickstarter questions:

  • Yeah, fulfilling a KS project is a LOT of work. I’d say 75% of my job right now is just handling Kickstarter stuff! There’s at least 15,000 backers from UA, and between coordinating the timing of the rewards at the office and for the backers and then talking with manufacturers, there’s a lot to keep track of.

  • For projects that have publishers, (which Shock3 now has with Starbreeze), a Kickstarter is a huge commitment. There’s a promised deadline to backers, extra digital and physical rewards to keep track of, helping backers adjust their pledges if something goes wrong, and we have to juggle all of that on top of making the game! For anyone unfamiliar with the game dev-publisher relationship, we submit milestone builds and have meetings with our publishers frequently to make sure that everything aligns message-wise, marketing-wise, and timeline-wise.

  • Since we’re not planning a Kickstarter for Shock3, a pre-order Collector’s Edition offered closer to launch would probably be the best option. (This is my own personal thought, not representing OSE or the Austin team; this is not a promise!)


I really hope there is no public Kickstarter. Reading the Ultima forum sums up why perfectly… if the devs can find it without public cash they’d be mad to open it up like that IMO!