Where are the new runes?


I’m just wondering where I might find some new runes. So far the only runes I have seen in the dungeon are the initial ones I got when I first got the rune bag. I have four or five more that Alita sold to me at 50 silver each. I’m always excited when there is one in a chest or a monster drops one, then I realize it is one I already have.

I have at least two spells, Shield and Flutter, that I found descriptions, but don’t have the correct runes to use.


Chests can be found in pretty much all containers: I’ve found them dropped by skeletons, and in chests, pots, and baskets. I think also in crates.

So far as I can tell, you “unlock” runes as you progress. Alita will always sell you the one you’ve most recently unlocked. There are some findable runes in specific areas in the tutorial level, but you will have those runes dropping as loot fairly regularly through the game if you miss them.

Loot in containers appear to only EVER drop unlocked runes.

So assuming you buy them as soon as you can, your chances of finding an interesting rune in a chest are approximately nil.

And the facts that they are a fairly rare drop, and that you can’t even collect or sell them once you pick them up, makes it a slap in the face every time.

This is feedback we’ve given them heavily in testing, so I imagine they’re considering other approaches (including possibly just not making them drop!)