Where are the runes?


I have my rune bag and am well into my first quest and still, no runes. Where can I find them?


I mostly found them:

  • available for purchase at the trader (only ever seemed to be one at a time);
  • in chests (only ever one per chest);
  • in destroyable containers (crates, baskets, vases, etc - not sure if all could spawn runes)
  • dropped by mobs (very rarely, maybe once?).

In general, though, only the ones from the trader were of any use, as all others were identical to those I’d already bought.

I suspect that the way it works is, they “unlock” as you progress, you get them available to buy as soon as they unlock, but they only drop randomly. So odds are good you’ll have bought them before you get them as a drop.

However, not all runes are available to buy, so those few you can’t buy can only be found through drops. I finished the game still missing four runes.

First few quests had few if any runes. You should have got a couple of runes where you found the bag, though.

Later areas seemed more likely to drop runes. So, from least likely to most:

  • Upper Erebus
  • Tyball’s Folly
  • Titan’s Reach
  • Cytheron Catacombs
    …or just go by quest difficulty, and go for the hardest for the highest chance of rune drops.

Tip: you can check your quest log whenever you’re in the quest hub, to see your progress!


In addition to all the ways Dewi mentions, you should also have received 4 runes when you get the rune bag in Saurian’s Challenge. Those are a good start.

But perhaps there’s indirect feedback here that being able to find specific runes, or have a reliable way of getting them, might be desirable? If so, I can pass on to Tim


I just picked up a rune and it does not show up. I cant open my rune bag so Im not sure where that rune is or whether I have any others from when I picked up the bag.

Edit. I see now how to open the rune bag. No other runes in it but the one I just picked up.


Ok, if you didn’t see those runes in Challenge (the second level), then that’s a bug, we’re logging it.


I’ve done it twice now and no runes with the bag.